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Garden pictures can provide inspiration. Browse our gallery of garden pictures, including landscape garden pictures, to find the picture of a garden that will give you your perfect landscape.

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    Scenic Country Garden

    A large country garden has room to spread out -- and include a number of elements. This backyard space features a pond, a meandering path, and leafy and flowering shrub borders. The space also includes a potting shed, greenhouse, and teahouse. Perennial borders overflow with lush perennials, bulbs, trees, and shrubs that offer color and texture in every season.

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    Flower-Filled Courtyard

    Step into a petal-packed courtyard! In this photo, a brick-edged gravel path is brightened with flowering begonias. A fountain at the center leads the eye into the garden and to the house. A crisp, boxwood hedge surrounds symmetrical gardens on each side of the walkway. Elegant, structural, and peaceful!

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    Beautiful and Edible

    You don’t have to have a large space to have a beautiful garden. In this photo, a gorgeous container garden displays a variety of horticultural riches: deciduous shrubs that lend year-round appeal are interplanted with a crop of cabbage and kale. Matching containers pull the look together.

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    A Slice of Magic

    Who says you can’t do a lot in a small space? This narrow backyard space is transformed into a series of spectacular spots. In the center of the garden, two fountains are surrounded by neatly clipped boxwood beds packed with pink-blooming begonias. The walkways lead to a seating area beside a big-as-life chessboard. And columnar shrubs add height to the low-growing garden.

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    Color-Packed Woodland Garden

    This flower-packed woodland garden is alight with color in spring when the azaleas burst into bloom. These popular, shade-loving shrubs are interplanted with ferns and Erythronium. The mix of colors and textures is thrilling!

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    Cottage Garden Style

    A front yard as beautiful as a bouquet of flowers! Blousy and carefree, this cottage garden favors old-fashioned flowers such as climbing roses, big-ball hydrangeas, and fragrant lilies. Cottage-style elements include white picket fences, arbors smothered in flowering vines, and plenty of romantic flowers from spring through autumn.

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    Nature-Enticing Water Garden

    One of the best reasons to install a water garden is to enjoy the wildlife it lures in: birds, toads, and frogs. The homeowners in this lovely backyard water garden have also stocked their pond with graceful koi -- large orange, white, yellow, and black fish -- to offer a relaxing diversion.

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    Formal Attire

    Beds edged in clipped boxwood and filled with symmetrical plantings are often found gracing the great castles and estates of Europe. But this style is also a beautiful way to organize and enjoy any space. In this garden, boxwood beds are filled with variegated English ivy, pansies, and white-leaf Senecio cineraria.

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    Fabulous Front Yard

    This flower-filled front yard is low-maintenance and eco-friendly. Low-growing, mounding perennials offer a patchwork of color year round. Drought-tolerant sedums and succulents create a beautiful but casual mix of easy-care perennials.

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    Cool Cacti

    A textural treat! Dry-area landscaping offers an awesome array of shapely plantings. Cacti, succulents, and Southwestern natives are drought-tolerant and easy-care. If you live in a cool climate, you can still enjoy the charms of these textural plants in containers; bring them indoors before cool weather sets in.

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    Romantic Respite

    Imagine strolling along this breathtaking hedge of spring-blooming bridalwreath spirea (Spiraea prunifolia). Bridalweath spirea has a host of other great features; it’s deer proof, fragrant, and drought tolerant. Its arching branches are filled with round flower clusters. Lovely!

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    Smothered in Roses

    Often called the Queen of Flowers, roses are revered for their sumptuous blooms and sweet fragrance. And what a welcome entryway plant for a home! In this photo, a white arbor is smothered in rose blooms. Popular pink climbing roses include ‘New Dawn’, ‘Old Blush’, and ‘Madame Alfred Carriere’.

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    Simple Seating

    A garden bench at the end of a path is a classic way to organize a garden. In this photo, a pathway edged with blooming perennials and grasses leads the eye to an ornate white bench -- the perfect vantage point to enjoy the garden view. So simple, yet so elegant.

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    Backyard Beauty

    Ah summer! Perennials, annuals, and roses launch into full bloom in this gorgeous garden. Flower borders accent the backyard's structures: a rose-swathed pergola, a crisp-clipped evergreen hedge, and a focal-point formal fountain.

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    Woodland Border

    This garden, at the edge of a woodland, features a gorgeous blooming border of daylilies and purple coneflower. A stone edge adds a rustic look to the border, and also makes it easier to mow alongside. A garden ornament -- a large bird feeder -- entices woodland birds to land for a quick snack.

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    Colorful Choreography

    A colorful garden border relies on a mix of blooming perennials and shrubs. In this garden, a Japanese maple anchors the garden on one end, while russet-color Joe Pye weed picks up the burgundy hue elsewhere. Color repetition adds beautiful consistency to the border.

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    Perfect Perennial Border

    Repetition of color and texture move the eye along this bountiful border. Phlox,Cleome, and sweet alyssum add brilliant spots of color. Ornamental grasses add soft texture.

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