Features That Create an Outstanding Garden

Great gardens rise up off the earth to intrigue the eye and tantalize the senses. Here are some lessons you can use to make your garden a standout.

Divide Space

Break large areas into smaller compartments using hardscape or garden structures such as arbors.

Frame Views

Frame desirable views with short and/or open sections of walls or fences.

Be Consistent

Delineate areas with planters of the same style or color.

Add Interest

Focus a space with benches, birdbaths, containers, boulders, and sculpture.

Create Movement

Generate a sense of movement with a dry creek bed.

Use Bold Shapes

Select plants with presence (for instance, those with bold, well-defined shapes).

Repeat Colors

Unify the garden by repeating the same color in different areas.

Go for Curves

Construct appealing paths and beds with pockets, bends, swells, and undulations.

Stagger Plantings

Stagger plantings into layers rather than arranging them in a straight line.

Screen with Hedges

Create visual boundaries or screens with large evergreens or mixed-shrub hedges.

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