Create a Garden You Can Take With You When You Move

Created for mobility, these stylish DIY solutions for backyard elements are designed to look great, day or night. See more amazing mobile-friendly garden ideas at The Horticult. Written by Marty Ross, Produced by Karen Reinecke, Photography by Ed Gohlich

Pergola on Wheels

Furniture on wheels -- like this custom-design table with pergola and planters -- can be repositioned endlessly, without much trouble.

Movable Movie Screen

The garden living room is a sunny, green spot in the daytime. Subtle outdoor lighting sets the whole garden aglow in the evenings. On movie nights, a screen pulls down from a custom-made trellis. Keeping the space tidy is easy: It takes about 10 minutes with a leaf blower on the low setting.

Rolling Outdoor Kitchen

The outdoor kitchen features a 12-foot countertop, complete with a sink. Wheels mounted on the legs make repositioning easy. The nearby picnic table easily seats 10 friends.

Vertical Herb Planters

Herbs thrive in repurposed aluminum ammunition boxes -- found at a military surplus store -- suspended from chains against a wall.

Garden to Go

Don't dig into the ground, plant in containers if mobility is the priority. Even outdoor furniture, such as this cocktail table, can be retrofitted to hold a variety of plants. Here, succulents and cacti make a sculptural display.

Cozy Outdoor Living Room

The garden's free-standing fireplace is flanked by towering stands of Cyperus papyrus. The sectional furniture is all on wheels for easy rearranging.

Container Pond

Even a water garden, like this mini pond in a half whiskey barrel, does not have to be tied to one site. A kidney-shaped shelf fastened above the plants lets the water garden serve double-duty as an end table. The shelf also protects the fish from hungry birds.

Wheely Creative

Adapt resources to your needs, and even an outdoor side table can become a conversational piece, as well as functional. A lone caster wheel and couple of metal table legs made a sturdy patio table when attached to a wood surface.

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