Beautiful Bouquets Fresh from the Garden

Beautiful Bouquets Fresh from the Garden
Enjoy color and fragrance from your garden with a fresh bouquet of blooms.

Heavenly Hydrangeas

This perky pink-on-pink combination features the bold talents of two rosy hydrangeas: ball-like 'Cityline Berlin' and lacecap 'Shamrock'. A pink Oriental lily gives the bouquet additional texture and a stunning fragrance.

Double Vase with a Twist

For a modern look, layer two square glass vases -- one 6 inches, one 4 inches -- and float slices of key limes in water between the two. Roses, peonies, allium, salvias, and geraniums burst from the top of the vases.

Classic White

A tall white ceramic pitcher looks country-garden fresh with a loose arrangement of pretty garden peonies paired with pink larkspur and a few wild roses.

Silver Surprise

Because it's low enough to allow for conversation across a table, this arrangement in a silver bowl makes an ideal table centerpiece. Pink roses, hypericum, sweet peas, and pansies are arranged in a mound, with unripe strawberries dangling over the bowl''s edge for a touch of the unexpected.

Tulip Heaven

Elegant purple tulips look shiny and sweet in an ironstone pitcher. Make your bouquet the simple way: Arrange the tulips in your hand and cut the stems to the same length.

Purple Pleaser

'Gertrude Glahn' bigleaf hydrangea is a garden knockout with its multicolor blooms combining hints of pink, purple, and blue. Add texture with complementary purple partners, such as butterfly bush, garden phlox, and balloon flower.

Basket Case

Allium's intriguing purple globes combine with clematis and catmint in this doorway garden flower arrangement. Unripe serviceberries and hosta foliage set off the blooms that pick up on the color of the door.

Astounding Autumn Asters

Make a stunning fall display with brilliant purple asters. Team them with golden lantana to create a long-lasting bouquet. Orange-red sumac foliage and wispy maidengrass complete the combination.

Daisy Does It

Snowy fresh Shasta daisies brighten this arrangement that includes clusters of golden yarrow, spikes of perennial purple salvia, and dainty coralbells.

Springtime Cheer

Glowing orange and sparkling white tulips mix with two-tone yellow daffodils to create a sunny spring arrangement.

Test Garden Tip: Daffodil stems release sap that make other flowers decline faster. Keep your arrangement looking good by putting your daffodil stems in flower picks.

Fragrant Herbal Delight

Combine English and Spanish lavender with daisylike chamomile and scented geranium for an aromatic floral feast that looks and smells stunning. These flowers grow well together and love hot, sunny gardens.

Green Goddess

A vase set in a stack of grapevine wreaths is filled with cool white-and-green tinted foliage. Hydrangea mingles with white coneflower, variegated hosta leaves, and yellow spires of foxtail lily.

Hot Summer Combo

Heat up your summer party with red and gold dahlias surrounded by sprays of 'Fireworks' goldenrod. The striking color duo creates excitement and puts everyone in a festive mood.

Scents of Spring

Arrange stems of lavender, purple, and pink lilacs in a ceramic vase for a stunning, lush look. Pair with a handful of lily-of-the-valley flower stalks for a double dose of perfumed beauty.

Glad Tidings

For instant summer picnic bouquets, place stems of gladiolus in galvanized flower buckets. Keep your glads looking great by removing the individual flowers as they fade and trimming the stem every few days.

Test Garden Tip: Put something heavy, such as an old brick, in the bottom of your vase to help keep the tall glads from tipping the vase.

Flowing Fountaingrass

Purple coneflower's drooping petals echo the arching seed heads of purple fountaingrass in this arrangement. Buttons of white feverfew serve as a backdrop to individual coneflower blooms.

Country Sun Power

Capture the sun with white-and-yellow Shasta daisies, and echo it with daisy fleabane. Red yarrow completes the country look by picking up on the colorful pitcher and gingham tablecloth.

Pumpkin Stacker

Mask low, rounded glass vases by placing them in hollowed out pumpkins. Insert stems of sunflowers in the vases. Stack smaller pumpkins on top of larger ones for a tower of fall color.

In the Pink (& Purple)

Elegant silver vases team nicely with pink and purple flowers. 'Stargazer' Oriental lily, purple coneflower, cosmos, veronica, coralbells, and garden phlox make a luscious pink mound. The second vase holds blooms of butterfly bush, more phlox, and penstemon.

Roses and Raspberries

Express the bounty of the garden with the lush combination of old-fashioned 'Duchess Brabant' roses brimming from a rustic container and ripe raspberries scattered across the table.

It's a Snap

For a bouquet that's as easy as can be, combine snapdragons, zinnias, and fennel in a glass vase. The ferny foliage of fennel makes a frothy backdrop for these easy-to-grow annuals.

Subtle Shady Cooler

Cool greens from the woodland garden make a refreshing display that bubbles with textural beauty on hot summer days. Cutleaf fern fronds contrast with the smooth, solid look of hosta leaves. A handful of hosta blooms add a fragrant touch.

Fresh as Spring

Pure white peonies dominate this late-spring bouquet with their oversized blooms and potent perfume. 'White Nancy' lamium and Shasta daisies intensify the white color scheme. Deep blue baptisia, purple clematis, and chartreuse lady's mantle make the perfect foil.

Green with Envy

Chartreuse mums, bells of Ireland, St. John's wort berries, and hydrangea form a stunning flower arrangement. This bouquet creates a sense of vibrancy because all the bells of Ireland stems face the same direction for a pinwheel effect.

Crazy Quilt

For a patchwork effect, combine all sorts of colors and flower forms in one bouquet. Here purple and white coneflowers, pink roses, orange butterfly weed, silvery Russian sage, purple salvia, perennial geranium, buttery daylily, and sunny coreopsis create country charm.

Purple Power

Purple spikes of anise hyssop, also known as agastache, team with bells of Ireland to create a stunning but soothing arrangement for this shady outdoor seating area.

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