10 Ideas to Refresh Your Garden

Butterfly Garden
Add pizzazz to a tired garden or perk up a season-worn patch with our 10 low-cost, simple ideas to reinvigorate your space. Soon you'll find yourself reveling in the great outdoors!

Create a workzone

Finding your favorite trowel or the perfect pot for a new succulent is easy with a dedicated garden storage space. A couple of coats of paint transformed this old kitchen hutch into a nifty garden bench. 

Dress-up with mulch

Take time to remove all the weeds from your garden—splitting the chore into a couple of worksessions if necessary—and then spread a thin layer of fresh mulch. For added weed protection, sprinkle pre-emergent herbicide over the soil before spreading the mulch. 

Add water

Whether you add a tranquil reflecting pool or a bubbling fountain, water is always a welcome addition to the garden. Be sure to place your water feature where you'll enjoy it and the wildlife it will attract. Patios and porches are great places for water features. 


Pave a path

A mulch-covered garden path is perfectly serviceable but with a small investment of time and money you can transform the path into a more permanent walkway. Gravel, flagstone, and landscape block are all easy-install options. 

Plant a surprise

Tuck cherry tomatoes and peppers into the perennial garden or grow raspberries in the shrub border. Unpredictable planting schemes create a sense of whimpsy and are a refreshing take on all that is possible in the garden. 

Search out great flowering shrubs

Boasting flowers, attractive foliage, and often fregrance too, flowering shrubs are landscape all-stars. Add a flowering shrub to your garden and you can count on multiple seasons of interest. Visit with neighbors and experts at your local garden center to find the best flowering shrubs for your area. Sweet-scented fothergilla is pictured above.

Invite the birds

Songbird habitat is decreasing at a rapid rate. Do your part to make these delightful creatures at home in your landscape by providing sources of food, shelter, and water. There are a host of simple things you can do to roll out the welcome mat for winged visitors. 

Make a gathering space

Invest in your patio or porch. Search out comfortable chairs and benches. Add a sidetable or two and complement the space with a host of potted plants. A well-appointed outdoor space will become an extension of your indoor living area.

Plant an entry garden

Lead visitors on a color-rich path to your front door with a vibrant entry garden. Easy-care shrubs and perennials are the way to go for this front-and-center garden. Look for plants that offer multiple seasons of interest.

Kick back with a bench

Carve out a spot for an inviting garden bench. A shaded area is preferred. Look for a location that offers views of the garden beyond. The bench will become a favorite respite at the end of the day.

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