Garden Styles

What's your garden style? Here's everything you need to discover your outdoor style and design a gorgeous garden. Try a theme garden and use our examples of stylish gardens to transform your space into an outdoor wonderland.

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More Than 1,000 Peonies Fill This Colorful Midwestern Garden

With 1,000 plants and counting, this Iowa gardener shares what she has learned about caring for the most romantic of flowers.
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Here’s the Best-Selling Garden Decor in Your State

There’s no better time than now to get outside and spruce up your garden. Thanks to data provided by Wayfair on its top-selling items, you can shop the most popular piece of garden decor sold in your state. From pretty glass terrariums to whimsical animal figurines, there’s something here for plant newbies and pro gardeners alike—including an adorable garden gnome.
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Add Country Garden Charm with Vintage Watering Cans

These fine vessels go where hoses can't reach, and a ding or two doesn't diminish their beauty, utility, or value.
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Plant a Garden Quilt to Beautify Your Yard

Gardening meets quilting in a colorful flowerbed that reflects a distinctly American tradition.
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Brighten Your Garden with a Lamp-Turned Planter

Plug in to the potential of a cast-off lamp base, and brighten your space with a lamp turned into a planter.
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6 Steps to a No-Work Cottage Garden

Cottage garden designs bring a classic, soft vibe to your landscape. Create a garden that's big on color—but small on labor.
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More Garden Styles

Easy Plants to Grow Outside

Whether you're planting your first-ever seeds or you're a gardening mogul, seeing your hard work go to waste when your plants die is not fun. We've put together a selection of easy-to-grow plants that can withstand almost any condition.
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10 Garden-Fresh Flower Arrangements from Your Backyard

The sustainable gardening movement has encouraged many of us to dabble in the "forgotten" art of growing food in our own backyards. Since we're going to all that trouble, why not tuck some pretty flowers in there while we're at it? Just as we want for our food to not have traveled great distances to reach us, we are beginning to covet flowers that haven't been shipped halfway around the globe. Maintaining a cutting garden is a centuries-old pastime, but most of us aren't exactly flower farmers and can't spare the space to grow an abundance of blooms for arranging. So what does an average backyard gardener do? It's simple: You've got to think beyond just the flower.