How to Make a Stylish Tiered Strawberry Planter

Create a tiered planter that can hold up to nine varieties of strawberries with our streamlined, geometric wooden planter.

Get the best harvest of sweet, juicy, homegrown strawberries with this DIY planter box. Its three levels and nine sections allow you to plant different varieties. The box has no bottom, so you need to place it as you would a raised bed. If you would rather put it on a patio or deck, you can use cedar boards to to hold the soil, or line the bottom with garden fabric stapled to the inside of the lowest box. It's important that the soil stays in place and doesn't seep out when watered—your strawberry plants need a stable place to grow.

how to build tiered strawberry planter

How to Build a Tiered Strawberry Planter

After cutting the wood to size, it's all about assembly. For a sturdy structure that fits together perfectly, follow the same formula to put together the three boxes.

Supplies Needed:

  • Chop saw or miter box
  • Cedar boards (see cut list, below)
  • 1 1/4-inch exterior screws
  • 2-inch exterior wood screws
  • Drill with Phillips bit and pilot hole bit
  • Exterior wood glue
  • Soil and plants
  • Optional exterior wood sealer or stain

Cut List:

Bottom Box: Finished box dimensions: 32 x 32 inches

  • 30 3/8x1x6-inch cedar boards (2)
  • 32x1x6-inch cedar boards (2)
  • 5 1/2x2x2-inch cedar boards (4)

Middle Box: Finished box dimensions: 23 1/4 x 23 1/4 inches

  • 21 1/ x1x6-inch cedar boards (2)
  • 23 1/4x1 x 6-inch cedar boards (2)
  • 11x2x2-inch cedar boards (4)

Top Box: Finished box dimensions: 16-7/8 x 16-7/8 inches

  • 15 3/8x1x6-inch cedar boards (2)
  • 16 7/8x1x6-inch cedar boards (2)
  • 11x2x2-inch cedar boards (2)

Step 1: Cut Wood

Use a chop saw or miter box to cut the wood according to the cut-list measurements. Sort the pieces of wood by box size to keep everything straight for the following steps.

Step 2: Assemble Boxes

Start with the first box. Screw a corner brace along the short end of the short board. Line the two long-side boards with the ends of the short boards, overlapping the short end with the corner brace. Drive the screw through the interior corner braces to attach the short and long sides. Follow the same steps for the middle and top boxes.

Step 3: Stack the Boxes and Plant

Stack the boxes on a diagonal, from the largest to the smallest. For the descending legs of the middle and top boxes, screw through the legs into the box below to attach them together. You can stain or seal your planter after assembling the structure.

When you're ready to plant, fill the boxes with potting soil and lightly tamp it down. Use your hand or a trowel to dig a small hole for each strawberry plant. Take the plant out of the nursery pot and place it in the hole, securing its place by pressing down the soil around its base. Always give your plants a good watering after planting so they get off to a good start.

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