Portable Indoor Herb Garden

Learn how easy it is to create a convenient, vintage-inspired herb garden that you can move to and from the windowsill, sink, prep area, or stove.

indoor herb garden in mason jars

This DIY and convenient herb garden is not only simple to make, but its vintage appearance is a charming addition to any kitchen. To start out, you'll need potting soil, assorted herbs, pebbles for drainage, chalk, chalk labels, Mason jars, and a vintage milk bottle carrier.

Cover Bottom of Jars with Pebbles

Begin by preparing each jar for planting. Cover the bottom of the jar with pebbles, ensuring they are distributed evenly.

Fill With Potting Mix and Plant Herb

Fill each jar with potting mix atop the pebbles and plant the herb.

Here are some easy-to-grow herbs.

Apply Chalk Labels

Whether you decide to plant thyme, mint, or basil -- write down the names of the herbs on your chalk stickers and apply to the designated plants.

Place Planted Herb in Milk Carrier

Now you can easily move your favorite herbs from your windowsill to the sink, stovetop, or food prep station!

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