With a few hooks and a fresh coat of stain, you can transform a cast-off pallet into a hardworking organizer for gardening supplies.

August 15, 2016
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Garden tools can get a bit messy. So when you're looking for a place to store spades and rakes, why spend serious cash on a storage system that is going to get covered in dirt? Instead, make this inexpensive wood pallet garden organizer that's personalized to your needs. A set of hooks down low hold a coiled hose, while a hanging pot is perfect storage for loose gloves, rags, seed packets, or other small items. This is one weekend project that will get you excited for gardening season!

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  • Working time 3 hrs
  • Start to finish 1 day

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How to do it

Part 1

Pallet Garden Organizer
Step 1

Apply Stain

Make sure the surface of your pallet is clean and free of dirt. You may want to sand it first to help the stain adhere better. Use the foam brush to apply stain in the shade of your choice to the pallet. Apply it in small strokes, moving with the grain of the wood until the entire surface is covered. Let dry. (Refer to manufacturer’s instructions for drying times.) Choose a combination stain and sealer so you won’t have to apply two treatments separately.

Step 2

Map Out Display

Lay out hooks and garden tools on the pallet to see what layout works best based on the tools you want to store. Be sure to leave enough room between hooks so you don't knock off sharp pliers or spades while reaching for a rake or a shovel. You may find it easiest to designate one side for tall, long tools such as rakes and another half for smaller trowels and shears.

Step 3

Attach Hardware

Once you have your placement, drill holes for the hooks. Do not insert the hooks yet though; it’ll be easier to hang the pallet without the hooks sticking out. Use screws to attach a magnetic strip for easy small tool storage. You can find these strips online or from kitchen stores—they’re designed to hold knives, but work well for metal garden tools, too!

create pilot holes in shelf with drill
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How to Use a Drill

If you haven't used a drill before, we'll walk you through the basics.

Step 4

Finishing Touches

Hang the pallet in your garage or garden shed by securing it with wall screws and your drill. Once the pallet is stable, insert the hooks into the predrilled holes. Finish by placing tools, garden hose, and hanging flowerpot on the garden organizer. The next time you need a particular tool, just grab it and head out to the garden!


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