Plant a charming little desert landscape that fits right on your table.

By Debra Lee Baldwin

What You Need

  • 12-inch terra-cotta pot saucer, with or without drainage holes
  • Cactus mix potting soil
  • Miniature garden furnishings and figurines, such as an arbor, chair, wheelbarrow, urn, cat, and dog
  • Finely crushed rock or tiny pebbles
  • Succulents with small leaves, such as watch-chain crassula, delicate sedums, small stacked crassulas, and Sedum rubrotinctum. Try Crassula tetragona if you want the look of a small tree.

Step 1: Fill With Soil and Add Arbor

Fill the terra-cotta pot saucer with potting mix to 1/2 inch below the rim. Secure the miniature arbor about an inch inside the rim of the saucer.

Step 2: Create Pathway

Create a pathway of finely crushed rock or pebbles that curves from the edge of the saucer through the miniature arbor.

Step 3: Add Plants

Pinch the top half-inch of the plants so you can insert their rosettes or tips into the soil, between pathway and rim, to create a lush and verdant garden of your liking.

Step 4: Add Accents

To begin, we filled a miniature wheelbarrow with soil and planted it with cuttings. We then positioned a chair beneath the arbor and topped it with a sleeping cat.

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