Clay chimney liners find a new purpose as colorful containers that add big impact to a small garden space. Here's how to make your own.

By Holly D'Anna
Updated April 30, 2018

Add instant vibrancy to your yard or garden with spray-painted chimney liner containers. The terra-cotta cylinders fit neatly around plastic nursery pots and create an eye-catching look when grouped together. Use the liners as sleeves for an ever-changing display of potted plants.

  • Working time 30 mins
  • Start to finish 2 hrs
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Involves Spray Painting, Cutting Fabric, Gluing, Planting

What you need



How to do it

Step 1 Spray Paint Liners

Spray paint chimney liner containers. Be sure to use spray paint that is meant for exterior use so the paint job holds up. Paint liners in three different sizes in the same color for a cohesive look when grouped together. Choose a different bright color for liners of the same size for a more whimsical vibe.

Step 2 Cut Landscape Fabric

Cut landscape fabric to fit the liners. Hold the fabric over one end of the tube and use the outside rim as a cutting guide. Try to be as precise as possible to prevent the fabric from being visible.

Step 3 Secure Landscaping Fabric

Secure the fabric to the bottoms of the liners with caulk or construction adhesive. This will prevent soil from washing out of the containers during watering. Let dry completely before moving to the next step.

How to Use a Caulking Gun

It's easy to a perfect seam when you know the right way to use a caulking gun.

Step 4 Plant In Liners

Place a plastic nursery pot directly in the liner for an instant-gratification planting. If planting directly into a terra-cotta liner, position the container in its permanent home before planting as it will be a bit heavy to move. Replace the landscaping fabric at the bottom of the liner when starting fresh with new soil and a new plant.


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