Welcome birds to your yard—and help sustain them—with this cute feeder. It's easy to make, and you likely already have many of the materials in your home.

By Kate Carter Frederick
July 21, 2017
canning jar bird feeder project

Keep birds stopping by year-round by offering them a continuous supply of food with this DIY bird feeder. Feathered friends will reward you by eating insects in the garden and entertaining you with their antics.

As diners, birds search out specific menus. Cater to varied tastes by offering a seed mix that includes black sunflower, safflower, and millet, then watch for cardinals, juncos, house finches (shown here), nuthatches, chickadees, and others to fly in and feast.

What You Need

  • Canning jar
  • Towel
  • Painters tape
  • Safety glasses
  • Drill
  • 3/8-inch glass-boring drill bit
  • 5/16-inch drill bit
  • Plastic bowl
  • Plastic plate
  • 1/4×2-inch eyebolt
  • Four 1/4×1-1/4-inch fender washers
  • Four 1/4-inch locking washers
  • Two 1/4-inch nuts
  • Chicken feeder
  • Large nail and hammer
  • 1/4×2-inch carriage bolt

Step 1: Drill Through Jar

drilling hole in canning jar

Gather materials. Place a folded dish towel under the jar to absorb vibrations while drilling. Tape an X onto the jar bottom and mark the center. Wearing safety glasses, drill through the glass, using the glass-boring bit.

Step 2: Attach Dishware

fastening bowl to canning jar

Use the 5/16-inch bit to drill a hole centered in the bottom of the bowl and the plate. To attach the bowl to the jar, insert the eyebolt through a fender washer, the bowl, and the jar. Fasten the jar with a fender washer, two locking washers, and a nut.

Step 3: Prepare Chicken Feeder

hole in chicken feeder

Use the nail and hammer to make a hole centered in the bottom of the chicken feeder.

Step 4: Attach Chicken Feeder

attaching plate to chicken feeder

Attach the plate to the chicken feeder by repeating the hardware assembly, except using the carriage bolt instead.

Step 5: Fill and Hang

securing chicken feeder and plate

Fill the jar with birdseed. Screw the chicken feeder and plate onto the jar. Hang the feeder where birds can fly in easily to perch and eat or feed on the ground beneath the feeder. Select a location where a nearby tree offers an easy escape.

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January 27, 2019
This is an awesome idea. Thank you.