Give vining plants something to grow onto. This easy climbing frame is made out of flexible willow branches, a few pots, and some gravel.
willow branch planter display

Get long, vining stems off the ground and give them a place to grow upwards. Two pots with gravel between them make for a tight and secure place to hold willow branches. Weave the tops of the branches together to create a simple dome that climbing plants will love.

  • Working time 45 mins
  • Start to finish 45 mins
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Involves Pruning, Planting

What you need


How to do it

Part 1

gravel added to bottom of planter for drainage
add small pot to larger pot
Step 1

Prep the Pot

To start this project, add a few inches of pea gravel to the larger pot. Set the smaller pot inside the larger pot, making sure the smaller pot rests about an inch below the rim of the larger pot.

placing willow branches on the outside of pot
adding gravel to secure willow branches
Step 2

Add Branches and Secure

Add 6 to 8 branches, placing the thicker end of each branch between the outer and inner pot. Space the branches out evenly around the smaller pot. Once the branches are placed, add gravel, filling in the gap between the two pots to secure the branches. 

pruning stray twigs from willow branches
wrapping willow branches together and tying them
using pruner to cut willow branch excess
Step 3

Shape and Weave Branches

Trim any straggling twigs coming off the branches. Cross two opposite branches and wrap them around each other. Continue with all branches; weave into existing crossing branches. Trim extra lengths sticking out at the top of the branches for a cleaner finish.

Step 4

Plant In the Smaller Pot

Fill the smaller pot about three-quarters full with good potting soil. Plant a vining plant, like tomato or clematis, in the soil. Give the plant a good watering and watch it grow. As the plant grows larger and longer, wrap vines around the willow branches. Secure stems with plant ties as needed.


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