Add a magical glow to evenings outdoors and a warm, natural vibe to your patio or garden path. These easy-to-make planters with globe garden lights for planting space and garden decor.
decorative glowing garden globe irish moss

This project combines the modern technology of LED string lights with old-fashioned container gardening to create romantic lighting. We used Irish moss, but other low-growing plants suited to your climate would work just as well. In addition to LED strings, other lights to consider include inexpensive light strings or commercial-grade light strings. Glass light-fixture globes offer the most translucent light; plastic or acrylic ones also set a dreamy mood.

  • Working time 30 mins
  • Start to finish 30 mins
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Involves Planting, Drilling, Taping

What you need


How to do it

Part 1

planter hole with drill
Step 1

Drill a Hole In the Container

Use the drill and hole saw bit to drill a hole approximately 2 inches above ground level into the bowl planter. The hole should be large enough for the male end of a plug to fit through (typically around 1 inch wide). Also make sure the planter has drainage holes in the bottom.

taping string lights planter
Step 2

String Lights Through Hole

Thread the male end of the light-string plug through the hole, toward the outside of the pot. Leave a 1- to 2-inch tail on the outside. Cover the hole with duct tape, securing the light string cord.

string light duct tape
Step 3

Place Lights In Globes

Insert one-third of the light string into the large globe. Push a plastic cup into the globe, bottom first, to hold the lights in and keep potting soil out.  Wrap duct tape around the base of the globe to secure both cup and light cord. The cup also helps anchor the globe in the soil. Repeat with the small globes.

Lantern Terrarium
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Brighten Your Space With a Twinkling Lantern Terrarium

To make a lantern come to life, just add bright spring plants and the twinkle of mini lights, and watch your terrarium truly shine.

dirt arranging for garden globes
Step 4

Place Globes in Planter

Carefully set the globes outside the planter while you fill the planter approximately two-thirds full with potting soil. Gently place the globes on the soil. Using your fingers, push soil into the cups and arrange the globes in place. Set the globes at different heights for interest.

planting irish moss
Step 5

Plant Moss Around Globes

Plant the Irish moss around and between the globes. To fill small spaces, carefully cut the plants in half, making sure to retain plenty of roots in each section. Wash soil off all the globes as you water the plants. Attach an extension cord to the light-string plug and watch the planter glow.

Yellow moss rose
Nesting Material Must-Knows

Irish moss does best in partial sun, sheltered from hot afternoon sun. It needs good drainage and doen't like to be soggy. If moss does not suit your location, shop for sun-loving options to create a beautiful nest for your garden globes. Try moss roses for added color.

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    Better Homes & Gardens Member
    January 12, 2019
    This project looks very easy, I can't wait to dry it as soon as spring arrives. The only question I have is why do you only insert 1/3 of the string lights into he globe? What do you do with the remaining lights.