How to Make an Air Plant Octopus

Bring the beach indoors with ease. Create your very own air plant octopus display with these simple steps!

Bring the beach indoors with ease. Create your very own air plant octopus display with these simple steps!

Create a "sea" of air plants to hang in your home! This pretty accent piece will fit perfectly in a corner or can be hung as a centerpiece above a table. Air plants are great for this project because they are extremely low maintenance and their whispy foliage mimics tentacles. With our step-by-step guide, you'll have a unique display full of aquatic charm.

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What You Need

  • Ruler
  • Nylon cord
  • Scissors
  • Fish bowl
  • Sand
  • Fishing line
  • Air plant
  • Sea urchin shell
  • Ceiling hook

Step 1: Make Macrame Holder

Cut eight 5-foot strands of nylon cord. Gather all of the strands and tie a knot 1 to 2 inches from one end of the cords. Separate the cords into four groups of two. Take one group and tie a double knot, leaving 3 inches between the double knot and the big knot that holds all the cords together. Repeat with three other groups of two.

Next, take one cord from a group and one cord from a neighboring group and tie a double knot 3 inches from the knot previously tied. Repeat 3 more times, continuing to take cords from neighboring sections and double-knotting together.

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Step 2: Add Sand and Create Octopus

Put sand in the bottom of the fish bowl.

Cut an 8-inch piece of fishing line. Feed the fishing line between the base and a leaf of the air plant. Tie a knot around the base of the air plant to secure. Feed the rest of the fishing line through the sea urchin shell so that the shell sits over the base of the plant. Glue the plant onto the shell if you feel like it needs security, but the air plant should hold itself inside the shell.

Step 3: Hang From Ceiling

Lay macrame holder on table and spread out cords. Place fish bowl on top of the center knot. Gather cords above the fish bowl and tie a knot 12 inches from the opening of the fish bowl. Install the ceiling hook where you want to hang the fish bowl and tie a knot around the hook to hold it in place.

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  1. This is so simple and cute, I am keeping it for myself! Octopus are among my fave ocean critters!
    I already have, sea glass and shells, this will fit in, quite nicely!! Thanx again!raf

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