Garden Projects

Garden projects can add functional, fun, and fashionable accents to your landscape and even inside spaces. The possibilities are endless for a diy garden project, we have garden ideas that range from day to full weekend projects. To add character to your backyard choose garden projects that reflect your personal style.

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Turn Basic Wood Trellises into a Stylish Outdoor Plant Stand

Kind of Easy
This DIY garden project uses inexpensive materials from the home improvement store to create an impressive (yet easy-to-make) vertical planter.

How to Make a Tiered Strawberry Planter

Create perfect compartments to hold up to nine varieties of strawberries. This wooden planter box has a streamlined, geometric style that's easy to plant in.

DIY Drip Irrigation System for Containers

Keep your container gardens hydrated all summer with a fully customized irrigation system. With the right parts, you can assemble it yourself on a Saturday afternoon.

This DIY Moss Wall Art Will Liven Up Your Interiors All Year Long

Using preserved dry sheet moss, this DIY wall decor project is a whole new kind of nature art. Dried mosses can be conveniently found at Hobby Lobby or Amazon and transformed into a custom piece of art to brighten your space. 

How to Build a Cedar Planter Box

Planter boxes offer a number of benefits that outweigh an in-ground garden. Learn how to make a planter box from cedar boards with our step-by-step tutorial.

More Garden Projects

How to Make a Living Wall for a Breathtaking Vertical Garden

Kind of Hard
Putting plants on the walls can bring your home to life—literally. Liven up your space, indoors or outdoors, by adding a living wall made with easy-to-care-for and attractive succulents. 

How to Make a Soil Sifter Box for Healthy Compost

Kind of Easy
With only a few materials from the hardware store, you can build a sifter for soil and compost. Fight rocks and clay in your soil with this DIY project.

This Dish Garden Design Combines Houseplants and Spring Bulbs

Make this gorgeous tabletop garden display while you anxiously await spring's arrival. Enjoy the lush arrangement during the winter months before transferring the bulbs into your garden come spring!