Garden Color

Garden colors can transform any space and show off your personal taste. Whatever color you love, there are plants and garden color ideas to make your landscape the most beautiful on the block. Start with your most-beloved color and pick one of our slideshows that spotlight masterful flowers. Here's a selection of ideas that will look good with virtually any other plant.

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How to Combine Colors in the Garden

Working with a color wheel can take the guesswork out of blending colors in the garden. You also can adopt painterly techniques to mix and match plants. For an 
easy way to start creating quick-color plantings, focus on a favorite shade and build combinations around it.

Use a Color Wheel to Plan Your Garden

Let the color wheel work for your garden. It offers simple solutions for combining plants and flowers.

24 of the Best Pink Flowers for Your Garden

Pink flowers can add a bold or a delicate touch to the garden. It just depends on which pink shade you choose to use in your landscape. Use light pink flowers for an airy feel or bright pink flowers that pop against a green background. Browse our favorite pink flowering plants.

Best Orange Flowers for Your Garden

Orange flowers add sizzle and visual excitement to the garden. Make orange more impactful by pairing it with bold red or yellow. Or soften orange with a contrast with blue or purple. Here are some of our favorite orange flowers.

Best Red Flowers for Your Garden

Red flowers draw attention to the garden. A big, bold planting of all red can practically stop traffic! Red flowers pair beautifully with orange and yellow, as well as white. Check out some of our favorite red flowers.

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Complementary Combos in Purple and Yellow

On the color wheel, purple and yellow are opposites, which makes them complementary. That's why this combination always looks good in your home and garden.

Beautiful Green and White Plant Combinations

Put the spotlight on green and white to add subdued pops of color and beauty to your garden.