Make a Bird Feeder from Reclaimed Junk

Transform a few forlorn farm finds into a fresh, hip bird feeder!

Keep your eye out for great junk at flea markets and auctions. That's part of the beauty of junk style; there are no rules. That includes this bird feeder, made of a barrel hoop and a cultivator disc. With this step-by-step guide, you'll be able to make your very own rustic bird feeder that beautiful birds will enjoy!

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What You Need

  • Barrel hoop, approximately 24 inches in diameter
  • Marker
  • Drill and 3/4-inch metal drill bit 
  • (4) 3/4-inch washers, 1 1/2-inch diameter 
  • (6) 3/4-inch nuts 
  • 3/4-inch threaded rod, 36 inches long
  • (2) 3/4-inch washers, 2-inch diameter 
  • Cultivator disc, approximately 18 inches in diameter
  • (2) 3/4-inch couplers
  • (2) threaded eye hooks, 3/4-inch diameter and 2 inches long 
  • 4-inch spring 
  • Medium-weight rope 

Step 1: Drill Holes

Measure the hoop's circumference, mark the location for a hole, then mark another hole location on opposite side of hoop. Using a 3/4-inch drill bit, drill holes at marks.

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Step 2: Insert Rod

Thread a small washer and a nut onto the rod about 10 inches from one end. Insert the rod through the hole at the hoop's top. Tighten with another small washer and a nut on the hoop's inside.

Step 3: Add Cultivater Disc

Place one nut and one large washer on the rod, then insert the rod through the center of the cultivator disc. The cultivater disc will act as the "plate" your birds will be feeding off of. Place disc in hoop's center, the large washer flush against the top. Tighten the nut. With a large washer on the rod's bottom, tighten a nut on the rod.

Step 4: Add Washers and Secure Couplers

Place a small washer and nut on the rod. Stretch the hoop; insert the rod in the second hole. Tighten the washer and nut. Place a small washer and a nut on the bottom of the rod; tighten them against the barrel hoop. Thread a coupler onto the bottom of the rod. Thread a coupler onto the top of the rod. Screw an eye hook into the end of each coupler.

Step 5: Attach Spring and Hang

Add the spring to the eye hook at the top of the feeder. Hang the feeder by securing a rope to the top of the spring. Hang your bird feeder on a tree branch, a pergola, or any other above-head surface you desire.

Step 6: Fill with Birdseed

Fill with a variety of birdseed to attract different types of flying landscape visitors. Also, try putting your new bird feeder around plants that birds like, such as grasses like switchgrass and blue fescue.

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