Birdbath Pedestal

Grab some tools and wood scraps for this easy-to-make project.

Backyard Beauty

Outdoor raised wooden birdbath
Decorate your birdbath and yard by creating your own pedestal.

Birdbaths rise to new heights with this sturdy pedestal you can make from scraps of 4 x 4s. Seal a terra-cotta saucer to use as a birdbath, or simply set a blooming plant on the pedestal.

Rate Your Skill

You'll need elementary carpentry skills. Omit the chamfers and the decorative trim if you're a beginner. Instead, use 1 x 2s for trim.

What You Need:

  • Galvanized nails (or screws)
  • Scraps of CCA (chromated copper arsenate)-treated Southern pine. Use the dimensions on the plans (next page) or adapt the design to suit your materials on hand.
  • Circular saw
  • Router
  • Power driver/drill
  • Hammer
  • Tape measure
  • Level

You can print out this page to refer to the diagram.

Illustration of birdbath instructions


1. Cut four 4 x 4s to length. Chamfer the outside edges. Glue and screw together using 1-1/2-inch spacers along the bottom edges.

2. Build the top of the stand from 1 x 6s enclosed in a mitered 2x4 surround. Rout chamfers in the 2x4s. Glue and nail the pieces together; attach to the top of posts. Finish the top with decorative trim routed from a 1 x 2.

3. To complete the bottom, miter 2x4s; nail to the 4 x 4s. Attach decorative trim routed from 1 x 2s.

4. To finish, paint the top and the bottom trim. Add decorative embellishments using a paint pen. Seal with two coats of clear polyurethane.


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