The 14 Best Bird Baths for a Stylish, Bird-Friendly Garden

The Darby Home Co. Saphira Birdbath is durable, timeless, and capable of running a solar fountain even when the sun isn’t out.

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Bird Bath
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Nothing complements a nice day outside like the sound of birdsong. If you'd like to attract more feathered friends to your yard, consider putting out bird feeders and adding a bird bath to your outdoor setup.

"Birds bathe themselves regularly as a means of maintaining the health of their feathers, and introducing a bird bath to any garden is a wonderful way to invite birds into your outdoor space," says Marc Parnell, author of The Birding Pro's Field Guides. "Bird baths also hold the potential to attract a wider variety of birds to the yard than traditional feeders, given that the diets of many birds are not limited to seeds, grains, and nuts."

To help you choose the best bird bath for your space, we researched a variety of picks, keeping in mind each style's material, weight, and size. We also consulted Parnell as well as interior designer Sarah Barnard, a naturalist and WELL and LEED accredited designer.

Our overall choice for the best bird bath is the Darby Home Co. Saphira Birdbath. It's one of the only solar-powered fountain models that can actually store energy to keep the water running even when out of direct sunlight. Plus, it's made of sturdy concrete in a smooth design that can easily integrate into any garden setup.

Here are the best bird baths for your home.

Many states have reported an increasing number of avian flu cases. Before setting out bird feeders, bird baths, or birdhouses, please check with your state's department of natural resources.

Best Overall

Darby Home Co. Saphira Birdbath

Bird Bath
Courtesy of Wayfair

Why You Should Get It: This bird bath has a solid build as well as a neutral design and color. It also uses solar energy storage to keep the fountain running.

Keep in Mind: The bottom basin is too deep for birds, so you'll want to add about 2 inches worth of stones to get it to the correct depth. It also shouldn't stay outside during the winter, so you'll need to have indoor storage space for it.

For a decorative bird bath that'll fit multiple birds at once, consider the Darby Home Co. Saphira Birdbath, our overall choice for the best bird bath.

One of the best ways to attract birds and deter bugs is to keep your water moving. The fountain on this bird bath is solar-powered, which is convenient for both sustainability and placement since it doesn't need to be located next to a power outlet or require an extension cord. Even better, this is the only solar bird bath we found that could actually store saved-up solar power and run for up to six hours off its saved energy.

"A pedestal design is my personal preference: ground-based baths tend to invite a wider variety of critters, and hanging baths may be vulnerable to gusts of wind," Parnell says.

The bird bath is just under 43 pounds, so it's heavy enough to feel sturdy without being impossible to move. The tiered style has a classic, simple design that will fit into any garden. Plus, it's also easy to clean—just drain, wipe, and refill.

It's worth noting that the bottom basin is very deep, which can be a hazard to birds and other wildlife. As a fix, you can fill it up with stones and add in some easy exit routes on the edge to keep the birds safe. You'll also need to store the bird bath inside during the winter months if you live in a cold climate.

Price at time of publish: $327

Product Details:

Material: Concrete | Weight: 41 pounds | Diameter: 21 inches

Best Budget

VIVOHOME 28-Inch Antique Outdoor Garden Bird Bath

Vivohome Polyresin Lightweight Antique Outdoor Garden Bird Bath


Why You Should Get It: This classic design is element-resistant and easy to clean. It's also visually pleasing and offered in a few colors.

Keep in Mind: For extra stability, you may want to fill the hollow base with rock.

Looking for the best bird bath on a budget? The Vivohome Polyresin Lightweight Antique Outdoor Garden Bird Bath will make a great fit in your garden. A slim build means it's easy to fit this bird bath into your landscaping, no matter how much outdoor space you have, and the simple design makes it simple to clean. Plus, it's made of a lightweight polyresin, so it won't be affected by rain, sunlight, or cold.

The bird bath is offered in five colors: blue, bronze, copper, gray, and green. Both the bowl and the base feature a decorative design, which make it a visually appealing style to consider. To weigh the bird bath down, just fill the base of the pedestal with sand or rocks to keep it stable. The bird bath also comes with three ground stakes for extra stability once you've found the perfect spot.

Price at time of publish: $40

Product Details:

Material: Plastic | Weight: 4.4 pounds | Diameter: 20 inches

Best Concrete

August Grove Gada Acadia Birdbath

Bird Bath
Courtesy of Wayfair

Why You Should Get It: The fun design adds a touch of whimsy to this sturdy concrete bird bath, which also has a solar fountain.

Keep in Mind: The solar panel doesn't store power, only generates it, so the fountain will only actively bubble when it's in direct sunlight.

If you want a bird bath that can solidly withstand the weather, go for a concrete model like this design by August Grove. The wetland-inspired design has a relief of cattails along the pedestal and petals along the basin of the bath with playful frogs climbing up the base and perching on the rim, adding character to your garden.

The solar-powered concrete fountain recycles water from a hidden reservoir, minimizing your required refills. When the bird bath gets dirty, you can just spray it down with a hose. It's worth noting that the solar panel only works in direct sunlight, so you'll have to be mindful of where you place it in your garden.

Price at time of publish: $240

Product Details:

Material: Glass fiber reinforced concrete | Weight: 26 pounds | Diameter: 18 inches

Best Fountain

Kenroy Home Vogel Fountain

Kenroy Home Vogel Fountain


Why You Should Get It: The bird bath has two levels, making space for more birds.

Keep in Mind: The fountain runs on electricity, so you'll need to have a power source.

The August Grove Fountain Birdbath is a tiered design that's both a fountain and a bird bath, making it a decorative as well as functional option. Water bubbles out from under the bird ornament then cascades into the lower basin, keeping the water moving and thus making the bath more attractive to birds and less so to mosquitoes. Plus, the bird bath's four spouts offer a soothing sound.

At 22 pounds the bird bath is relatively solid; however, it may not be able to stand up to intense winds. It comes glazed in ivory or an antique-looking teal and is finished with a little bird accessory on top, adding a decorative touch to your outdoor space. The fountain does run on electricity so you'll need to locate it next to an outdoor power source.

Price at time of publish: $187

Product Details:

Material: Ceramic | Weight: 22 pounds | Diameter: 16.13 inches

Best Hanging

Mumtop Hanging Bird Bath

Mumtop Hanging Bird Bath


Why You Should Get It: The bird bath is bright, simple to hang, and easy to clean.

Keep in Mind: It's made of glass, so it's going to be more sensitive to sudden changes in temperature.

This bright bird bath is smooth and simple while still looking lovely in your yard. The hanging chain supports the dish in three places to keep it stable even if your feathered bathers splash a little enthusiastically. Plus the chain is made of rust-proof steel, so you don't need to worry about any water damage.

There are two colorful options available, a cheerful yellow sunflower or a spiraling blue design reminiscent of peacock feathers. The bright colors claim to attract more birds to bathe. You'll just want to bring the bird bath inside before freezing temperatures hit since ice could cause it to crack.

If you decide you don't want to keep filling it with water, you can also use it as a candle holder, bird feeder tray, or even a hanging fruit bowl in your kitchen instead.

Price at time of publish: $29

Product Details:

Material: Glass | Weight: 2.16 pounds | Diameter: 11 inches

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Best Ceramic

Rosalind Wheeler Birdbath

Bird Bath
Courtesy of Wayfair

Why You Should Get It: This ceramic bath is pretty, stable, and available in three colors.

Keep in Mind: It may be a little deep for smaller birds, and it isn't as resistant to the elements as some other options.

This simple pedestal bird bath and its antique finish will add a touch of charm to any corner of your yard. The shiny porcelain bath by Rosalind comes in ivory, turquoise, and red so you can furnish your favorite corner to your liking.

The bird bath features a pedestal that provides a stable base. Two ceramic birds perched on the side make a nice landing place for visitors and a pleasant visual accent, as does the etched bird on the pedestal. The bowl is on the deeper side, however, so if you tend to have smaller birds coming to visit, you should add some rocks so it isn't too deep for them.

Price at time of publish: $140

Product Details:

Material: Ceramic | Weight: 19.5 pounds | Diameter: 16 inches

Best Plastic

Bloem Bird Bath with Pedestal

Bird Bath
Courtesy of Amazon

Why You Should Get It: The bird bath has a fancier look while still being made of resin for durability.

Keep in Mind: In order to keep this light bath from toppling, you'll need to fill the pedestal with sand or small rocks.

The Bloem Bird Bath with Pedestal is worth considering if you want a heavy-duty plastic option. The bird bath has a decorative design and smooth, curving lines that make it look like ceramic.

To stabilize the bird bath all you have to do is fill the hollow pedestal with sand or water and then attach the top basin. The lightweight bird bath is only 2 pounds, so you'll want to make sure you fill it evenly and keep it stable.

The basin gradually slopes down to its 2-inch depth, which means birds of different sizes can all find their preferred splash zone. Plus, it comes in charcoal gray or white, so you can choose the best color for your space (though we prefer the charcoal to minimize the potential for visible staining). Both colors are treated for UV resistance to avoid fading.

Price at time of publish: $33

Product Details:

Material: Plastic | Weight: 2 pounds | Diameter: 17 inches

Best Copper

Monarch Pure Copper Bird Bath/Feeder

Monarch Pure Copper Bird Bath/Feeder


Why You Should Get It: This hand-hammered copper bowl is pretty, solidly made, and comes in three different use options so you can enjoy it no matter your outdoor setup.

Keep in Mind: Copper can tarnish with exposure to the elements, so don't expect it to stay new-penny bright forever without some maintenance. Also be careful not to put it in bright sunlight where it may overheat.

The Monarch Pure Copper Bird Bath/Feeder is offered in three different styles, a versatile option that'll add a bit of shine to your backyard. You can choose between a standing, hanging, or deck-mounted setup.

The standing bird bath is made of heavy-duty iron with three prongs to stab into the ground for stability, while the hanging option includes three support chains attached to a ring that the bowl slots into to stay balanced. The deck-mount option twists onto any flat, sufficiently wide rail and holds up the basin within an attached ring as well.

Regardless of which style you choose, it's worth noting that the maximum depth of 2.5 inches is a little on the deep side, so you won't want to fill it up fully with water. As a fix you can include some rocks for smaller birds. You'll also want to make sure not to put it in direct sunlight, which could cause the copper bath to become hot.

Copper will patina over time, so you'll need to maintain it regularly with a bird-safe polish or coating if you prefer the shiny look.

Price at time of publish: $55

Product Details:

Material: Copper | Weight: Not listed | Diameter: 11 inches

Best Glass

Mumtop Glass Birdbath

Mumtop Glass Birdbath


Why You Should Get It: These glass bird baths can double as decorative pieces in your yard.

Keep in Mind: Since it's glass, you'll have to bring it indoors in the winter as it can't handle extreme temperature changes.

The Mumtop Glass Birdbath is a floral-inspired pick that's available in four different designs, some with larger shallow areas and others that go a bit deeper, so you can choose which works best in your outdoor space.

The bird bath is offered in four colors: blue, green, red, and blue-green. The glass bowl is attached to its metal supports, which you then need to set up to attach onto the base pole. Once you attach the stakes, you're ready to stick it into the ground.

The smooth glass should be easy to clean, but you'll need to make sure you get into the nooks and crannies created by the mounting attachments. You'll also want to remember to bring the bird bath indoors during the winter as the glass may crack if the water inside it freezes.

Price at time of publish: $30

Product Details:

Material: Glass | Weight: Up to 3.76 pounds | Diameter: 12.99 inches

Best Stained Glass

Charlton Home Tiffany Hanging Birdbath

Bird Bath
Courtesy of Wayfair

Why You Should Get It: The colors of this stained-glass bird bath will add a beautiful, traditional look to your garden.

Keep in Mind: As with other glass models, glass can be fragile and isn't designed for extreme temperature changes.

If you're looking for a glass bird bath but prefer a more decorative option, this Tiffany-inspired piece might just fit the bill. Deco-style arches in red and purple tones circle the edge of the bowl, along with goldenrod stripes and green and white accent bars, creating a stained glass design that'll look like a piece of art in your yard.

The bird bath hangs from a metal hook that can be simply looped over the nearest support point. The included chains anchor to the bowl at three points to keep the bird bath evenly balanced, so you won't have to worry about having multiple birds feeding at one time. Just bring it inside when temperatures start to drop to avoid damage.

Price at time of publish: $46

Product Details:

Material: Glass | Weight: 2.98 pounds | Diameter: 13.6 inches

Best Solar-Powered

Bungalow Rose Canaseraga Solar Birdbath

Bird Bath
Courtesy of Wayfair

Why You Should Get It: It features a shallow, colorful bowl as well as a bubbling spout when the sun is out.

Keep in Mind: The fountain only runs when the bird bath is in direct sunlight, meaning it doesn't store energy for cloudy days.

For a solar-powered bird bath, this Bungalow Rose pick is a great option. This glass bath is shallow enough for birds of all sizes to splash and also includes a pleasant mini waterspout in the center.

A design that looks botanical from the side is actually a bright peacock when viewed from above, giving the bird bath an avian theme. It stands atop a stand made of four curling black iron bars that can be placed wherever you feel it looks best, though remember that the fountain only bubbles when in direct sunlight since it runs on solar power. You can also stake the stand for extra stability. Just make sure you store it indoors over the winter, since it's made of glass and may not be able to stand up to inclement weather.

Price at time of publish: $174

Product Details:

Material: Glass | Weight: 10 pounds | Diameter: 21 inches

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Best Deck-Mounted

Hanizi Deck-Mounted Bird Bath

Hanizi Deck-Mounted Bird Bath


Why You Should Get It: You can secure the bird bath to the railing of your deck or porch if you're tight on outdoor space.

Keep in Mind: Your railing can only be up to 2 inches thick, which can be limiting in some homes.

If you're working with a balcony or simply want to keep the birds closer for your viewing enjoyment, draw them right to the railing with this deck-mounted bird bath. The attachment clamp is made of finished steel that's designed to be weather-resistant and rust-proof—just tighten the tension on the clamp to securely attach it.

The bird bath can clamp onto railings up to 2 inches thick. Rather than projecting outward, the bowl sits in a steel ring that's attached to the railing piece, so it stays well-attached and stable. When it gets dirty, you can just remove the bowl for cleaning and then easily set it back inside its resting spot. Keep in mind the bottom isn't flat, so you may want to put some rocks in the center.

Price at time of publish: $20

Product Details:

Material: Plastic | Weight: 1.43 pounds | Diameter: 12 inches

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Best Ground

Campania International Alpine Stone Kosei Birdbath

Bird Bath
Courtesy of Wayfair

Why You Should Get It: This solid stone square bath will suit a variety of landscapes and stand up to the weather.

Keep in Mind: It's on the heavier side for its size at 23 pounds.

Whether you prefer a lower style, often see flightless birds, or are going for a meditative look, this simple stone model should suit you perfectly. Its square design is easy to place on a pedestal or directly on the ground, and it will complement most landscape styles.

There are 12 neutral colors to choose from, so it can blend in or stand out from your backyard, depending on your surroundings. And, since it's just 1.75 inches deep, you won't have to worry about it being too deep for even the smallest birds.

Price at time of publish: $140

Product Details:

Material: Stone | Weight: 23 pounds | Diameter: 12 inches

Best Stone

Cirrus Stone Birdbath Fountain

Bird Bath
Courtesy of Frontgate

Why You Should Get It: The stone design offers a high-end look with a decorative design.

Keep in Mind: This bird bath needs to be plugged in to bubble, and you're not going to want to move it often since it's 132 pounds. Plus, it's significantly more expensive than other styles.

With a Classical design element to it and a solid (and we mean solid) structure, this bird bath by Frongate will stand tall in your garden as it bubbles away. The inner plate of the bowl is topped with a spiral design as well, which adds visual interest.

Since this is electric-powered, you'll need to be able to plug it in. Luckily, it comes with a 6-foot cord so you'll be able to place it where you want to. It's worth noting that since the bird bath weighs 132 pounds, you won't want to relocate it often.

Price at time of publish: $651

Product Details:

Material: Concrete | Weight: 132 pounds | Diameter: 20.5 inches

The Bottom Line

Overall, we chose the Darby Home Co. Saphira Bird Bath as the best bird bath for its moving water powered by solar power, timeless design, and sturdy materials. For a less expensive option, consider the Vivohome Polyresin Lightweight Antique Outdoor Garden Bird Bath. The lightweight pick has a classic design that'll work well in most outdoor spaces.

What to Know About Bird Baths Before Shopping


Your bird bath is going to be outside, which means it needs to be made of something sturdy enough to withstand whatever elements may be most pervasive in your area.

"Consider avoiding metal baths, which may reach unsafe temperatures in the summer, while heating water to a degree appealing to bacteria, not birds," Parnell says. "Concrete baths tend to work best, as they are more durable than stone and plastic options and less likely to rust than some metal offerings. "


If your bird bath is too light, it might get unstable in the wind. If it's too heavy, however, you won't be able to move it and may be less likely to clean it as a result. Whichever bird bath you choose, be sure to consider if you'll need to move it around often or not and how much indoor storage space you have if the bath needs to be stored inside during the winter.


The diameter of a bird bath is only as important as the size of your outdoor space. If you aren't too worried about fitting it into a specific spot, you can choose one as large or small as you like. Perhaps the most important measurement is depth. If a bird bath is too deep, birds may end up over their heads in water. Birds like to splash, not swim.

"Look for maximum depths of 0.75 to 2.25 inches, with shallower areas near the edges of the basin," Parnell says.


Maintenance is essential to avoid your bird bath turning into a mosquito breeding ground or incubator for harmful bacteria. We go more into this below, but make sure you're buying a bird bath that's easy to clean because you'll be doing it a lot.


Bird baths with solar-powered fountains need to be in direct sunlight to work. But fountains in the shade won't lose water to evaporation as quickly, and birds are drawn to more sheltered spots.

"While placing bird baths directly under trees and brush is not ideal, having them near branches and trees can provide appealing access to the bath and a safe space for birds to retreat," Parnell says.

He also recommends keeping bird baths at least 25 feet away from any windows. "This helps to prevent fatal bird-window strikes, which account for hundreds of millions of avian deaths at US residential properties each year," he says.

Your Questions, Answered

How do you clean a bird bath?

A bird bath can become a breeding ground for bacteria and avian diseases, so it's important to ensure you're cleaning it regularly.

"The best solution for safely cleaning a bird bath is a combination of vinegar and water, ideally, nine parts water to one part vinegar, as recommended by the Audubon Society," Barnard says.

"When cleaning containers and replacing water, make sure to empty water instead of just refilling, as the bath should be up-kept with fresh water. To maintain a bath's cleanliness, place it in the shade to minimize bacterial growth, but avoid positioning them directly under shrubs, trees, and feeders to prevent debris from dropping into water."

Parnell recommends cleaning a bird bath two to three times per week.

"Each basin must be completely emptied, scrubbed clean, soaked in a 1:10-part bleach-to-water solution, and thoroughly rinsed before being refilled," he says. "Though initially intimidating, this process can be surprisingly quick after a few practice runs."

How do you keep a bird bath grounded?

The base of the bath should be either heavy enough to avoid instability or designed with a pronged metal stake that can go into the ground. Both Parnell and Barnard recommend possibly putting the bird bath slightly into the ground as well.

"For bird baths displayed on soft grounds, consider insetting the bird bath slightly into the ground and covering the bottom with rocks or gravel," Barnard says. "Before anchoring or weighing a bird bath, try out a few locations to ensure satisfaction with the placement, as it may be challenging to adjust after grounding."

Parnell takes it one step further if you prefer even more security.

"For concrete baths, you should plan to excavate a shallow hole, setting the bath inside, and filling several inches over the top," Parnell says. "The absolute best method typically involves a deeper hole with some fast-setting concrete. In general, when placing a concrete bath in the ground, a heavy, flat stone should be placed directly underneath; this prevents excess shifting as the soil composition and density change over time."

How do you attract birds to a bird bath?

Start by choosing the ideal location, with proximity to shelter. You also want to make sure you're keeping it clean and keeping the water fresh, Barnard notes.

"Avoid any materials that are too slippery for use, as something with texture will benefit the grip and mobility of birds," she says. "Flowing water will also appeal to birds, as they are attracted to both the experience and the sound."

Adding some enhancements to the basin can attract birds as well. "When selecting any water feature, including a platform, even something as simple as a stick or a rock can help wildlife exit the bath," Barnard says.

A snack bar can also help. "A nearby bird-feeding station can serve as an additional invitation to visiting birds," Parnell says. "Many birds follow the same foraging routes each day, and others selectively choose breeding territories based on the available resources at hand, both of which can lead to a single backyard receiving hordes of dependable visitors for years to come."

How do you keep mosquitos out of a bird bath?

With moving water and regular cleaning. If your favorite bird bath design doesn't have moving water built-in, you can add a fountain pump to get some bubbling going. Then just make sure you stay on top of your maintenance schedule.

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