Elevate your container garden game with these affordable and stylish pots.
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After a long winter, we are rewarded with spring, and then it's time to set out your potted plants. To go along with your gorgeous greenery and colorful flowers, you'll want to have front porch planters that are just as beautiful as your plants. Walmart has an exciting selection of outdoor planters. You'll find tall front porch planters, containers that are low and wide, and even a few Better Homes and Gardens planters. Here are nine outdoor planters that you can have shipped right to your front door so you'll be ready to glam up your deck, porch, or patio anytime.

Metal planter on metal legs from Walmart
Credit: Courtesy of Walmart

1. Better Homes & Gardens Metal Galvanized Gray Planter with Stand

$29 for 2, Walmart

Between their textured wave pattern and the 100% iron legs, these statement-making planters pack a lot of style into relatively small packages (the pair are 8 and 12 inches wide, respectively). They go well together, of course, but are neutral enough that they'll blend seamlessly among your other planters, too. The drain holes at the bottom of each will keep your plants happy, and the planters' weather-resistant durability will keep you happy.

ceramic outdoor planter
Credit: Courtesy of Walmart

2. Better Homes and Gardens Ceramic Planter on Stand

$33, Walmart

This white ceramic planter has a delicately etched pattern all around, a drainage hole at the bottom, and comes with a bamboo wood stand. The container is 11 inches in diameter and about 8 inches deep (it's 16 inches tall on the stand). It works both outdoors and inside, in case you have a houseplant in mind for it. The item has dozens of five-star reviews and one person writes that it "looks like planters that are double the price."

white outdoor planter
Credit: Courtesy of Walmart

3. Lattice Outdoor Pot Holder

$25, Walmart

Your plants with colorful foliage will pop against this bright white planter. Made of lightweight polypropylene, it's actually designed to stash a plain plant container inside of it. There's no need to directly fill it with potting soil. It measures about 15 inches on all sides and features a raised lattice pattern.

Walmart tall outdoor planter in blue
Credit: Courtesy of Walmart

4. Tall Front Porch Planter

$88 (was $121), Walmart

This elegant blue tall planter is versatile. It has a 10-gallon soil capacity for larger plants, or you can use it to display an already potted plant. If you plant directly in it, this tall front porch planter features a self-watering tray that helps keep your greenery hydrated. It's made of polyethylene and measures 32 inches tall and about 16 inches across. One five-star buyer described the planter as "lightweight yet sturdy! Love the look this brings to my porch!"

concrete outdoor planter
Credit: Courtesy of Walmart

5. Concrete Square Planter

$53, Walmart

If you're worried about the elements wearing down your containers quickly, you'll love this durable concrete square planter. It's made of textured concrete that blends into almost any style and particularly enhances a gray color scheme. It's about 11 inches tall and wide, perfect for growing a few brightly colored annuals.

Solid wood planter box with trellis
Credit: Courtesy of Walmart

6. Wooden Planter with Trellis

$70 (was $170), Walmart

A garden trellis is a perfect way to show off your flowering vines and this planter box has one built right in (plus, it currently has a deep discount). The solid wood planter is weather-resistant and has drainage holes to ensure your plant's roots don't rot. The planting space measures 25 inches by 11 inches, and the trellis stands 30 inches tall.

Black textured resin outdoor planter
Credit: Courtesy of Walmart

7. Textured Tall Front Porch Planters

$50 for 2, Walmart

This set of two Better Homes & Gardens planters features a raised wavy design and is made of lightweight resin with a drainage hole at the bottom. Each container in this pair measures 15.9 inches by 19.8 inches, and their tall, textured design is perfect for showcasing bold, upright foliage plants such as ornamental grasses or New Zealand flax. One pleased five-star buyer calls them "beautiful, elegant [planters]" that have "so many possibilities."

bowl outdoor planter
Credit: Courtesy of Walmart

8. Bowl Planter

$47 (was $60), Walmart

This bowl planter instantly adds a contemporary touch to your space. It comes in two sizes, 24 inches and 32 inches, and three colors: black, brown, and charcoal with a grooved finish. It's made of polyethylene that's treated with UV inhibitors to prevent color fading. It's perfect for displaying a collection of succulents

crackled outdoor planter
Credit: Courtesy of Walmart

9. Colorful Glazed Planter

$35, Walmart

Front porch planters don't have to be neutral-colored and blend into the background. Instead, they can serve as an eye-catching focal point when they are brightly colored like this vivid blue Better Homes & Gardens planter, which is further enhanced with a wavy design and shiny finish. This planter measures 12 inches in diameter, stands 21 inches tall on a stand with three thin black legs, and has a drainage hole. One five-star reviewer writes that "the ceramic is beautiful and the stand has great mid-century styling."


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