Wine Cork Bench Swing for a Fairy Garden

Create a cute fairy garden bench swing using a few easy-to-gather materials, including a wine cork, wooden dowels, and twine.

DIY mini swing and fence, fence, DIY

The best way to attract fairies to your fairy garden? Provide a relaxing place for them to sit, of course! Crafting a fairy bench swing will be the perfect complement to your mini garden space.

What You Need


  • Wine cork
  • Twine or embroidery thread
  • Wood dowels (2.56 inch long x 0.08 inch diameter)
  • Tape
  • Craft paint (optional)
  • Small detail brush (optional)


  • Hand drill
  • Big-eye needle
  • Utility knife
  • Hot-glue gun

Step 1: Cut Cork

DIY, Cork, knife

Use knife to cut cork in half lengthhwise. Slice a sliver off both ends to remove wine stain and branding.

Step 2: Drill Hole

cork, diy, drill

On each side, use hand drill to create holes where swing ropes will go.

Step 3: Add Twine

DIY mini cork swing, cork, DIY

Thread twine through needle and guide it through the premade holes. Tie a knot to secure the twine. Repeat on other side. The swing is now complete!

Step 4: Cross Dowels

DIY mini teepee, painters tape, DIY

To create the swing frame, cross two dowels so they overlap at 0.25 inch and the other ends are 3 inches apart. Place a piece of tape under the crossing point to secure the dowels. Flip over and wrap tape around dowel, pressing tape to surface. Repeat so that you have two sets.

Step 5: Glue

DIY mini teepee, glue gun, painters tape

Apply hot glue to the crossing points to join the dowels and create the "legs" of the swing set. Let glue dry.

Step 6: Add Top Bar

DIY mini teepee, teepee, DIY

Remove tape from legs. Apply a drop of hot glue into each crux, and set a dowel in glue to create the top bar of the swing set. Let the glue dry.

Step 7: Paint & Add Swing

DIY mini swing, wine cork, DIY

Paint structure if desired. Tie swing to top bar, and cut away any extra twine.


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