Vegetable Garden in a Pot

Eat fresh from the garden on your deck or patio with a container garden overflowing with your favorite vegetables and herbs. Use our plant combination or create your own.

A miniature vegetable garden is easy to grow—and pretty, too—if you plant in a pot. This pot can be moved inside and provide fresh herbs and vegetables year-round. This 20-inch-container is filled with colorful and delicious varieties that can easily go from stem to table.

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A: 'Hungarian Hot Wax' Pepper

In this potted vegetable garden, we started with one plant of Hungarian hot wax peppers. These peppers are often mistaken for banana peppers, but carry more heat. With a waxy yellow skin, these peppers can be stuffed, sliced, or pickled.

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B: English Thyme

Thymus vulgaris, know as English thyme, is the classic culinary thyme. It sounds a savory note in dishes, rather than the citrus note some other varieties add. We added two plants of this on opposite sides of the pot.

C: Basil

Basil dishes up classic Italian flavor in eye-catching bushy plants suitable for garden beds or containers. We place one plant in the center of our container vegetable garden. Basil lends a distinctive taste to salads, pizza, and pasta dishes. 

D: 'Medusa' Pepper

This ornamental pepper plant hosts upright fruits in multiple colors. Medusa peppers are edible and are very mild and sweet. We added one plant of medusa peppers in the front of our pot for color and texture.

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E: 'Elfin' Tomato

This variety of grape tomato has a sweet taste and the benefit of small size. These small tomatoes can be plucked from the stem, rinsed, and eaten. We added one plant to our container that trails to one side.


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