Spice up your planting tactics with these hanging, upside-down planters that everyone is going crazy for.

By Abby Patterson

Container gardening just got interesting. What may seem like one of the craziest concepts has now become an easily attainable reality. Upside-down planters are making plant fanatics jump on board the new trend while adding an aesthetic touch to home decorating—talk about plant innovation!

How does this work, you may ask? Upside-down planter kits, such as one from urban gardening product company Boskke, provide all the materials you'll need: planter, mesh screen, sealing disc, and ceiling hook. The soil and the plant are up to you!

Add soil and your plant of choice to the planter as you would with a traditional container garden. Then, cut the mesh screen so that it fits on the mouth of the planter and around the stems of the plant. Top the mesh with the sealing disk—this will keep the soil in place when the planter is inverted.

The planter has drainage holes at the bottom followed by a water trap, ensuring that water doesn't flow through the planter too quickly when upside down. When you are ready to hang your planter, flip it upside down, attach a ceiling hook, and hang from your ceiling of choice! These featured plants will have you fully embracing the upside-down planting trend. 

A Unique Touch

Add this upside-down planter to your home for a fun, under-the-sea touch. These octopus planters are taking the internet by storm with their bright colors and unique designs. Decorate the planters with your favorite air plant to add a creative touch to your home.

An Extravagant Display

What better way to save space and add an aesthetic touch to a window display than with upside-down planters? Turn heads in the most unique way possible with ceramic planters like these from Boskke. Throw in a couple more hanging elements, whispy lights, and fun decor below for a breathtaking window display. Window shoppers will stop dead in their tracks!

Recycle & Save

Your inner DIY fanatic will sure to come out with this one. Make your own upside-down planter with recycled materials from your home, helping the environment and your wallet. Take an empty plastic carton, such as Califia Farms' glass bottle, for your next upside-down planter DIY project. Customize the bottle to your liking with paint markers and twine for hanging as pictured.

Chandelier Fit for a Plant King

Interior designers are about to go insane for this Boskke-inspired chandelier. Create an elegant, green chandelier to display in your entryway or other area of interest in the house—it will be sure to have people talking. Feature an array of green plants, colorful orchids, and wispy vines—there are infinite combinations of lush plants to decorate with. Clump the plants together, add lights to the mix, and you'll have a designer-worthy decoration. 

Pop of Color

Spice up your decor with colorful plants, flowers, and vases to match! Pick hardy houseplants that hold an array of colors to liven up your living space, like this display from Paerson Concept Store. With the help of state-of-the-art inverted hanging planters, you can plant anything upside down, from parlor palms to peonies.

Cooking Made Easy

Spice up your kitchen and your plate all in one. Have herbs at your fingertips thanks to this innovative cooking hack from BoskkeBasilthymeoregano; the list could go on when it comes to possibilities of herbs and spices. Just simply clip it off, wash, and enjoy! Hang your planters above your stove from a hanging shelf, or stick it above a kitchen island for easy access.

An Untraditional Tradition

Keep the holidays alive this season in a modern way. These pine tree hanging planters by Greenview Landscaping will save you space and look oh-so-cute for all of your holiday festivities. Add ornaments, tinsel, and lights while leaving your decorating work hassle- and mess-free. This upside-down tree would even make Clark Griswold proud.


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