How to Make a Tiny Picnic Table for a Fairy Garden

Use crafts sticks and hot glue to make perfectly-sized furniture for a tiny container garden.

Use simple crafting supplies to create an adorable picnic table for a container fairy garden. The table is made from stained popsicle sticks and is assembled using hot glue. This project is super simple and adds tons of rustic character to a magical, tiny garden.

What You Need

  • Mini crafts sticks
  • Wood stain in walnut
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Rag

Step 1: Stain Crafts Sticks

Squeeze wood stain onto a lint free rag. Rub the stain onto 14 crafts sticks, applying more stain to the rag as needed to completely cover the sticks. Let the sticks dry for an hour.

Step 2: Glue Table Top

Line up 4 crafts sticks flat on the table, side by side. Apply hot glue to bond together and use an extra (unstained) crafts stick to spread glue into a thin layer. This is the top of the picnic table.

Step 3: Glue Table Benches

Place 2 sticks side by side and hot glue together. Repeat with 2 more sticks. These are the bench seats of the table.

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Step 4: Create Table Legs

To create the legs of the table, take 4 sticks and cut the ends at an angle so they will sit flat on a surface. Cut one, then use it as a guide for the other 3 sticks. Use a pencil to mark the angle, then cut with scissors.

Step 5: Assemble Table Legs

Cross 2 of the sticks to make an "X" making sure the angles are opposite so they'll sit flat. At the top end that will be below the table top, make the distance between the two sides 1.5-inches. At the cross point, glue the sticks together. Repeat with the other 2 sticks.

Step 6: Add Crossbar

Take one of the "X's" and glue a stick perpendicularly right below the cross point. Repeat with other X.

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Step 7: Assemble Final Table

Glue the table top to the top of X's and let dry. Then, flip the table right-side-up and glue the bench tops to the cross bar on the X's.


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