Adorable Terrarium Projects Made in Minutes

Create incredible terrariums with secondhand scores, adorable miniatures, and whimsical add-ons. Best of all, these clever projects can be made in minutes and easily integrated into your decor.

Bundt Pan Terrarium

Make an Adorable Bundt Pan Terrarium

Secondhand finds make for fabulous home decor, and vintage bakeware is no exception. In just a few minutes, we repurposed a thrifted copper Bundt pan into an unexpectedly beautiful terrarium fairy garden. Watch the video above to see how it's made!

How to Make a Bundt Pan Terrarium

Ornamental Orbs


Use wire to string colorful tiny terrariums in a window as lively light catchers. Nestle a small houseplant in a clear glass vase, then add layers of potting mix, horticultural charcoal, and colored gravel or sand to cover the roots. Glass marbles bring glimmer to each tiny garden; fairy garden accents add interest.

Terrarium Lantern


Perfect for an indoor or outdoor arrangement, this colorful lantern packed with petite blooms can turn a lackluster entry or tabletop into a cheery sight. With a few simple supplies, you can (and should) steal this look for your own space.

Naturalistic Open Terrarium

African Violets

Bring a touch of woodland whimsy to an end table with an open terrarium design. Surround small pots of African violets with a grapevine wreath and enclose with pussy willow stems for a natural look filled with drama.

Doodled Design

Retro Revival House Tour

For an easy way to embellish plain glass dishes, look to colorful paint pens and markers. A freehand herringbone design on the base of a terrarium adds playful interest while keeping cacti front and center.

Beach in a Bottle

miniature garden

Conjure fond memories of warm sand, rolling tides, and sunny days spent seaside with a beach-theme terrarium. Pebbles, sand, driftwood, and tufts of greenery establish the scene for a miniature display set inside an apothecary jar.

Whimsical Hangers

macrame hanging plants

Draw attention to your greenery with whimsical plant hangers suspended from the ceiling. Try an old-made-new favorite, macrame, or attach paper butterflies to twine for a soaring statement.

How to Make a Macrame Hanger

Sand Art


All the '90s feels will come rushing back with this sand art project. Layer three colors of sand in a glass container before topping it off with an air plant and an adorable critter. Experiment with seashells, crystals, and miniature mix-ins for a delightfully quirky display.


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