Fill your terrarium with adorable, tiny figurines, and accessories that reflect you and the things you love. It's easy to get your favorites shipped to your door because all of these are available on Amazon.

By Jenny Krane
Updated January 30, 2019

Maybe you want a woodland wonderland that brings life to your terrarium. Or maybe you want an adorable mini garden with a shed and lawn chairs to mimic your yard outside. In any case, you can choose from hundreds of tiny terrarium figurines and accessories that will make your terrarium unique. And the best part is: you can get them all on Amazon (with your Prime 2-day shipping, no less).

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Cottage Shed

This cottage-style shed figurine is for the tiniest of tiny gardens. Standing 2-inches tall, it also comes with a 2-inch metal pick that holds it in place. A little brick chimney and a lavender door add an extra bit of whimsy.

Buy it: Itty Bitty Shed, $9

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Flamingo Lawn Ornaments

Nothing says summer like flamingo lawn ornaments. So let the tiny world inside your terrarium celebrate summer vibes with this miniature flamingos. Their wire legs poke easily into moss, sand, or soil so they stand tall.

Buy it: Retro Miniature Flaming Picks, $8

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Miniature Garden Shed

Get a miniature version of your garden shed, complete with a potting bench and doors that actually open. The sage-green tiny structure has all the tools you use in your own garden, like rakes, shovels, boots, and watering cans. It's made of polyresin that is A-OK to use indoors and outdoors (so you don't need to worry about it getting wet when you water your terrarium).

Buy it: Miniature Garden Shed, $13

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Bunny Figurine

Baxter the Bunny may be the perfect finishing touch for your woodland terrarium. This little creature stands at a little over 1-inch tall and has gray fur and a pink nose. He's made of resin that is durable and holds up in outdoors.

Buy it: Baxter the Bunny, $8

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Fairy Garden Birdbath

Celebrate your love of wildlife with this cute terrarium accessory. This tiny rustic birdbath figure looks like it has a wood finish, and has a blue bird perched on the lip of the basin. The rear end of a little dog is sticking out of the base of the birdbath like he's digging.

Buy it: Digging Dog Birdbath, $8

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Lawn Chair

These little red chairs are reminiscent of vintage metal patio furniture. The 1-inch figures are about the same width as a penny and are coated with a glossy bright red paint. Buy one or get a pair for a charming terrarium display.

Buy it: Micro Lawn Chair, $8

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Dog Figurine

Calling all dog lovers: this terrarium accessory is for you. This retailer lovingly named this figurine Beau the Puppy, and he is looking at the bird that landed on his nose. How adorable!

Buy it: Beau the Puppy, $4

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Terrarium Stone Bridge

Create the perfect path over an area of rocks or water. This mini stone bridge has an open arch underneath. It's only about 2-inches long, so it will fit in the tiniest terrariums!

Buy it: Itty Bitty Stone Bridge, $11


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