9 Terrarium Fairy Garden Ideas That Are Utterly Adorable

miniature garden

Apothecary jars are the perfect place to preserve everything from vacation memories to your favorite fairy garden figurines. Get inspired by these clever and creative terrarium fairy gardens that are sure to make you smile.

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Beach Vacation

miniature garden

Pebbles, sand, driftwood, and beach glass add to this oceanside scene that helps encapuslate fond vacation memories.

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Take a Hike

miniature garden

With the help of surgical tweezers and moss, this jar becomes a miniature version of a hike in the wilderness.

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Big Fish, Small Container

miniature garden

A brandy sniffer serves as the home for these fishermen trying to reel in the catch of the day.

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Hard at Work

miniature garden

Using waterproof plastic figurines, outdoor chores are a walk in the (miniature) park for this cast of characters.

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Capture Daily Life

fairy garden, miniature garden, terrarium

A pleasant green backdrop can even make chores, such as hanging the laundry, into a charming scene.

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A Real Hoot

bottle terrarium with owl figurine

An owl finds a home in this terrarium filled with pebbles, dried sphagnum moss, potting soil, terraroim plants, lichen, stones, driftwood, and shells.

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An Element of Adventure

miniature garden

In this scene, backpackers find a hidden stream made of chipped beach glass.

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Bring Nature In

miniature garden

In a rope-suspended teardrop, this cute deer finds a home in a forest-inspired backdrop.

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A Bright Idea

miniature garden

Within a dangling, oversize, whimsical "lightbulb," air plants and sea urchins combine with seashells as a snippet souvenir from a tropical island.

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