Gorgeous Spring Container Gardens

Yellow and Orange Daffodils
Photo: David Speer

Colorful container plantings celebrate the start of the gardening season. Use your favorite spring bulbs and flowers to welcome warmer weather.

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Pink Spring Container

Tulips, daffodils, hyacinths in ceramic bucket
Marty Baldwin

Tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths are bellwethers of spring. In this simple ceramic bucket, a skirt of light pink Diascia surrounds a clump of magenta tulips. Prolong the life of your plantings by purchasing plants with tightly closed buds. The buds will open in a few days and color your spring container garden for two or more weeks.

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Spring Dianthus Pots

Dianthus in galvanized bucket
Marty Baldwin

Two petite galvanized buckets connected by a crosspiece and simple handle are the perfect planting place for perennial Dianthus, or pinks. Spur Dianthus to send up a second flush of blooms by shearing off spent flowers. The plants will bloom well into summer when grown in part shade to full sun and watered regularly.

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Informal Container Garden

Pink and fuchsia dianthus with greenery in trug
Marty Baldwin

A painted wooden garden trug turns into a focal point with annual Dianthus and trailing Dichondra to create an abundant and informal look. The pink and green combination screams spring and will stand out anywhere in the garden (even on a tree stump).

Editor's Tip: Line the bottom of the container with heavy plastic, or set pots into plastic water trays.

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Fragrant Flower Basket

Pink and white stock flowers in woven basket
Marty Baldwin

Sweetly perfumed stock revels in cool conditions. The handles on a loosely woven basket make it easy to hang this fragrant treasure where you are likely to walk by and enjoy the scent. An excellent cutting flower, stock is available in shades of white, pink, purple, red, yellow, and orange.

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Upcycled Spring Planter

Plum and white geraniums and deep pink pansies in doll-sized planter
Marty Baldwin

Plum-and-white Regal geraniums (Pelargonium spp.) are tucked in by cheery deep pink pansies (Viola x wittrockiana) in a doll-size planter. A coat of exterior wood sealant protects the cradle from moisture. For long-lasting plantings, drill drainage holes in watertight containers. If that isn't possible, water only to lightly moisten the soil and let the potting soil dry slightly between waterings.

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Antique Toolbox Planter

White and pink bleeding heart flowers in tool box planter
Marty Baldwin

Delicate white heart-shaped flowers float among the foliage of perennial bleeding heart (Dicentra spectabilis f. alba) while the annual cascading Diascia completes the floral pairing in this old toolbox. Perennials spring to life as container plants. After enjoying their flowers, transplant them into the garden to become a permanent part of your landscape.

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Fragrant Hyacinth Planter

Pink and Purple Hyacinthus
David Speer

In your local garden centers, look for spring-flowering bulbs for containers already potted and growing. Here, hyacinth bulbs fill the air with sweet perfume. The difference in size between the pink hyacinth and the purple grape hyacinth adds tons of texture to this container garden.

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Tightly Planted Bulbs

White Muscari
David Speer

Sometimes, simplicity is best. When repotting sprouted bulbs, such as white Muscari, tightly arrange them for the best effect. The concrete planter and bright white flowers give a bold contrast. Try this as an easy spring window box idea.

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Rustic Daffodil Container

Yellow and Orange Daffodils
David Speer

Celebrate the early-bloomers. An old metal container gets a new life when used for a pretty planting of spring daffodils. Mix colors and sizes of daffodils for a dimensional planter full of bright bulbs.

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