Simple Sunny Container Garden

This dynamic container garden uses height and color to make a statement. Give a sunny spot extra warmth by using hot colors such as orange and yellow.

Perk up a spot of sun in your garden with a colorful combination of sun-loving plants. Fill a solid-colored 16-inch-wide container with zinnias, calibrachoas, and New Zealand flax for a cheery and bright garden. The height variations of the three plant species in this pot add drama and texture.

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A: Cabaret Yellow Calibrachoa — 2

B: Zahara Fire Zinnia — 2

C: New Zealand flax (Phormium cookianum 'Cream Delight') — 1

A: 'Cabaret Yellow' Calibrachoa

Calibrachoas are fast-growing annuals with uniform, trumpet-shaped blooms. They do well in full sun and are drought tolerant. The variety 'Cabaret Yellow' used in this container features trailing foliage and butter yellow flowers. We used two plants—one on either side of the container.

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B: 'Zahara Fire' Zinnia

Zinnias grow quickly from seed sown right in the ground and do best in full sun with dry, well-drained soil. They are also known for attracting butterflies. The variety 'Zahara Fire' is a compact, upright plant with bright orange blooms. Two plants make an appearance in this display on either side of the pot. 

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C: 'Cream Delight' New Zealand Flax

New Zealand flax is an ideal plant to use in place of an ornamental grass where you need more texture and height. 'Cream Delight' has ivory leaves lined with green, which is edged with a deep red. This statement plant acts as the thriller element in this container garden.

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