6 Pretty Options for a Basket Filled with Hanging Shade Plants

These easy-growing hanging shade plants don't need much light to thrive on your porch or deck.

If you've got a porch or deck that spends most of the day out of direct sun, it can be a little tricky to find hanging shade plants to add to baskets or containers that will brighten up the space. But that doesn't mean it's impossible to grow anything there; you just need to find the right plants. English ivy, coleus, and impatiens all will thrive in a shady spot while adding brightness with colorful flowers and interesting foliage. Marguerite daisy and annual lobelia help add extra flowers when it's cooler, but expect them to fade as summer heat intensifies. The rest of the plants will fill in by then to keep this arrangement looking lush all season long.

hanging basket for shade with labels
Tria Giovan

A: Marguerite daisy

B: 'Rebel Rouser' coleus

C: 'Versa Green Halo' coleus

D: 'Compact Royal Jewels' lobelia

E: 'Infinity White' New Guinea impatiens

F: 'Glacier' English ivy

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A: Marguerite Daisy

Argyranthemum Butterfly and Coleus Sultana
Denny Schrock

The marguerite daisy in the center of this arrangement adds height and dark green foliage to the mix. While most varieties feature light pink or purple flowers, 'Butterfly' has sunny yellow blooms. This species attracts pollinators, so get ready to welcome a few butterflies and bees. Marguerite daisy thrives in full or partial sun and well-drained soil and can grow up to 18 inches tall.

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B: 'Rebel Rouser' Coleus

green coleus detail
Edward Gohlich

There are many types of coleus, but all are known for their colorful and eye-catching foliage. 'Rebel Rouser' is a sun-loving, blended-leaf coleus that adds a punch of lime green, and 'Lime Time' has similar colors and loves the shade. Coleus is great for containers, but check the light requirements for each variety since there are so many; some need full sun, part sun, or full shade. Plant in well-drained soil. The coleus can reach just 6 inches tall or over 3 feet, depending on the type.

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C: 'Versa Green Halo' Coleus

Coleus (Solenostemon 'Versa Green Halo')
Dean Schoeppner

Coleus 'Versa Green Halo' has showy green foliage with cream in the center. This eye-catching mounded variety adds a pop of light greenery among the surrounding dark green leaves and stems. Having just one plant with lighter leaves in this hanging basket for shade makes it stand out. This variety grows up to 24 inches tall and can tolerate various lighting conditions, from full sun to full shade.

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D: 'Compact Royal Jewels' Lobelia

Lobelia erinus
Peter Krumhardt

Lobelia erinus 'Compact Royal Jewels' is an annual variety of blue lobelia with stunning purplish blue flowers. This plant complements the yellow marguerite daisies well and will spill over the sides of the basket. It thrives in part shade and well-drained soil, but expect the flowers to slow down when the weather turns hot.

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E: 'Infinity White' New Guinea Impatiens

white new guinea impatiens
Peter Krumhardt

New Guinea impatiens have succulent stems and attractive foliage that create a wonderful backdrop for their large blooms. There are also many foliage variations of New Guineas. However, this particular variety has solid-colored dark foliage that makes the crisp white flowers stand out. 'Infinity White' impatiens can thrive in part or full shade with well-drained soil and grow up to 14 inches tall.

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F: 'Glacier' English Ivy

english ivy Hedera helix 'Glacier'
Doug Hetherington

This versatile foliage plant grows well as a hanging shade plant and even as a houseplant, should you wish to move it indoors when cold weather returns at the end of the season. In this hanging basket arrangement, two English ivy 'Glacier' plants on either side create dramatic trails of cream-edged leaves. 'Glacier' can tolerate full shade, prefers well-drained soil, and only grows up to 6 inches tall (but it can spread up to 14 inches).

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