Hanging Basket for Shade

Create magic in your hanging baskets by mixing easy-growing plants that have beautiful flowers and great foliage. Get the recipe for success here.

English ivy, coleus, and impatiens are longtime favorites for shade. This gorgeous combination makes for an eye-catching hanging basket. Many of the plants in this basket attract butterflies, and the layout encourages a dense and colorful display all summer long. You'll want to grab one of each plant variety mentioned below, with the exception of the English ivy—plant two of those, one on each side of the planter.

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A: Marguerite Daisy

The marguerite daisy in the center of this arrangement adds height and dark green foliage to the mix. While most varieties feature light pink or purple flowers, 'Butterfly' has sunny yellow blooms. This species attracts pollinators.

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B: 'Rebel Rouser' Coleus

There are many types of coleus, but all are known for their colorful and eye-catching foliage. 'Rebel Rouser' is a sun-loving, blended-leaf coleus that adds a punch of lime green to this display. Coleus is great for containers, but be sure to check the light requirements for each variety since there are so many.

C: 'Versa Green Halo' Coleus

Coleus 'Versa Green Halo' has showy green foliage with cream in the center. This exotic-looking mounded variety adds a pop of light foliage among the surrounding dark green leaves and stems. Having one plant included in this hanging basket display makes it stand out.

D: 'Compact Royal Jewels' Lobelia

Lobelia erinus 'Compact Royal Jewels' is an annual variety of blue lobelia with stunning blue flowers. This trailing variety brings small blue blooms to the bottom of the arrangement, and adds dynamic texture. This plant complements the yellow marguerite daisies well.

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E: 'Infinity White' New Guinea Impatiens

New guinea impatiens have succulent stems and attractive foliage that both create a wonderful backdrop for their large blooms. There are also many foliage variations of New Guineas. This particular variety has solid-colored dark foliage that makes the crisp white blooms stand out.

F: 'Glacier' English Ivy

This versatile foliage plant grows well as a hanging basket, a groundcover beneath larger houseplants, or can be trained into topiary shapes. In this hanging pot, two English ivy 'Glacier' plants on either side of the basket leave dramatic trails of cream-edged leaves. The center of the leaves have more of a green-gray hue than other varieties.

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