Rope-Wrapped Tire Planter

Dress up a potted plant with a rustic DIY planter. In this project, an old tire destined for the dump gets a useful new life as a stylish container encircled with sisal rope.

A used tire, sisal rope, and scrap plywood look surprisingly cool when combined to make a planter for the patio. The salvaged materials raise the planter to protect plants from nibbling rabbits, and it has a modern yet natural, textured appeal. The end of an old wooden spool—the kind used commercially for wire and cable—was used as the base. Sisal rope conceals the old tire as well as a plastic planter tray to hold plants.

  • Working Time 1 Hour
  • Start to Finish 1.5 Hours
  • Difficulty         Projects Kind of Hard
  • Involves Drilling, Gluing

What you need


  • Jigsaw with scroll blade
  • Drill with 3/8-inch drill bit
  • Ratcheting wrench
  • Hot-glue gun
  • Sandpaper


  • Tire
  • 3/4-inch plywood, larger than tire
  • 2-inch bolts and nuts, 4 sets
  • 3/8-inch sisal rope, approximately 200 feet
  • Superglue gel
  • 4 x 4 lumber cut to 3 pieces, each 12 inches long
  • Wood glue
  • 2-inch pocket screws or angle brackets
  • Weatherproof stain

How to do it

Step 1 Create Planter Base

Place the tire on the plywood and trace around it. Draw a second circle 1 inch inside the first. Cut the plywood with a jigsaw using the smaller circle as a guide. Drill several drainage holes in the plywood if none exist. Note: Photo shows existing holes in a scrap piece of plywood.

Step 2 Attach Plywood To Tire

Place the plywood circle on top of the tire. Using a 3/8-inch drill bit, drill four holes through the plywood and into the sidewall of the tire. Insert the bolts in the holes.

Step 3 Secure Plywood To Tire

Flip the tire and plywood over onto a flat surface. Screw the nuts onto the bolts. Use a ratcheting wrench to tighten the nut.

Step 4 Wrap and Glue Rope

With plywood on top, attach the rope, beginning on the edge of the plywood and working around and down the tire. Every few inches, alternate using a hot-glue gun, which will temporarily hold the rope in place, and superglue gel, which will dry to a permanent hold. Flip the tire over to finish gluing rope to the tire top and inside edge.

Step 5 Cut Planter Legs

Cut a 15-degree angle at each end of the 4 x 4 lumber legs. With the plywood facing up, position the legs in a triangle around the center point. Mark their locations.

Step 6 Attach Planter Legs

Drill 1 1/2-inch pocket holes (at about a 15-degree angle) into two sides of each leg near the base, apply wood glue to the top edges of the legs. Attach the legs to the plywood bottom using 2-inch pocket screws or angle brackets. Sand the legs and finish them with a weatherproof stain.

Learn how to make a pocket hole here.

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