Rooftop Vegetable Gardening Ideas

If a lush vegetable garden can materialize on a city rooftop, it can happen on most patios, decks, and balconies, too. Here's how to make the most of your small rooftop garden space.

You don't need to live on acres of land to have a vegetable garden anymore—small city apartments can have their own beauitful garden, too! Having a rooftop vegetable garden is the next best thing in modern gardening. Check out our rooftop vegetable gardening tips for some garden design inspiration.

Here are the best tips for rooftop gardening.

Benefits of a Rooftop Garden

The benefits of a rooftop vegetable garden may surprise you. Having a rooftop vegetable garden makes use of an uncommon space, even beautifying the area from an eyesore to a space you can enjoy all summer long. You can then use this space for a more private getaway.

Having a DIY rooftop vegetable garden is also environmentally friendly while saving space in a small apartment. The plants will thank you, taking full advantage of the rooftop sun exposure. The biggest benefit to rooftop gardening is the lack of common pests on a rooftop, such as deer and rabbits.

Control pests with these organic solutions.

Rooftop Planters and Plants

Use an array of large containers to create a rooftop vegetable garden. A raised garden bed, like the one pictured above, is a great way to tend to plants. Putting the bed on stilts will save your back, too! No matter how you plant them, these plants will thrive in a rooftop vegetable garden.

Build a rolling raised bed garden.


'Indigo Rose' tomato is the darkest tomato available. Rich in anthocyanins, it is valued as an antioxidant. Plants like tomatoes and eggplants do well in sweltering conditions, especially when they have their own large containers.


Citrus meyeri, the Meyer lemon, is slow to ripen but useful for cooking and making lemonade.

Green Bean

Green bean vines clambering over trellises create productive privacy. 'Super Marconi' Rampicante pole beans make a great container choice but must be harvested young, before they become tough, in an elevated climate such as a rooftop or balcony.


Barbados cherry (Malpighia glabra) has a sweet-and-sour taste. The fruits are high in vitamin C.


Small fruit trees adapt well to constrained conditions. 'Kadota' fig (Ficus carica) is a sweet, honeylike white fig that remains very juicy when ripe. Like frangipanis, the figs go dormant in winter but still need to be sheltered indoors.


No space for a pepper patch? Try a container of spicy peppers. Pick peppers like this 'Padron' (Capsicum annuum) when they are tiny, before they get too hot to eat.

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Rooftop Vegetable Garden Ideas

Make your rooftop garden a place to relax with a comfortable chaise longue to bask amid jasmines, frangipani, Cestrum nocturnum (night-blooming jessamine with a high-pitch, sweet scent after dark), anise hyssop, and passionflowers. Place bricks in containers, under the soil, to help withstand high winds. When the weather is hot and sunny, water each plant once or even twice a day.

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