Lovely Fall Window Box

Mix plants that offer great fall foliage with colorful mums to create a great end-of-the-season window box planting. Follow our design or create your own.

Window Box with numbers

Even without blooms, small hydrangeas make great container plants. Just plant them after first frost and enjoy them for years to come. This window box arrangement surrounds dense hydrangea plants with trailing ferns, wispy grasses, and classic fall mums.

A: Asparagus fern (Asparagus densiflorus 'Sprengeri') — 3

B: Chrysanthemum 'Alberta Bronze' — 2

C: Hydrangea macrophylla 'Pia' — 1

D: Sedge (Carex 'Toffee Twist') — 2

E: Euphorbia 'Diamond Frost' — 1

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A: Asparagus Fern

asparagus fern hanging plant

Versatile asparagus fern is an attractive herbaceous perennial that is easy to grow, though not actually a fern. Asparagus densiflorus 'Sprengeri', the most widely available variety, has arching stems with 1-inch-long dark green needles. The lacy foliage adds softness and a trailing element to this window box design.

B: 'Alberta Bronze' Chrysanthemum

bronze garden mum with yellow disc florets

These showy flowers bloom in late summer and continue into the fall, creating dense mats of color. 'Alberta Bronze' is an upright, cushion variety with bronze-orange blooms. Mums prefer full sun, making a window box the perfect place to plant.

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C: 'Pia' Hydrangea

hydrangea 'glowing embers'

Macrophylla—also known as mophead—varieties are what people most commonly associate with hydrangeas. These varieites are the large, rounded clusters of blue, pink, and white blooms. 'Pia' is a dwarf big-leaf variety with bright pink blooms.

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D: 'Toffee Twist' Sedge

Toffee Twist carex

Sedges are suitable for almost any place you need to furnish. Adaptable, easy-care sedges have earned their place in residential gardens. 'Toffee Twist' has bronze foliage and prefers full- to part-sun.

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E: 'Diamond Frost' Euphorbia

Diamond Frost Euphorbia, Euphorbia, Plant Encyclopedia,

'Diamond Frost' euphorbia is one of the most popular container plants. A wonderfully heat- and drought-tolerant plant, it produces a continuous supply of frothy blooms from spring to fall. Plus, euphorbias have a white, milky sap that animals don't like, so they're rarely nibbled on by deer, rabbits, or other critters. 


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