Make it easy for guests to find your home with this stylish planter. We'll show you how to use cedar boards, wire mesh, and a few other basic supplies to make a custom planter with your home's address in just six steps.
house numbers planter
Carson Downing

We’ve all experienced that desperate moment looking for house numbers that will guide us to an unfamiliar location. Make it easier for new friends to find your home by installing a set of house numbers on a custom-built house number planter. With just a handful of supplies, you’ll be able to whip up this stylish house number idea in only a few hours.

Get started by picking up some 1x3 cedar planks, craft boards, house numbers, and wall hangers—all of the other supplies you likely already have on hand. Then it’s as simple as cutting, sanding, and staining the wood, assembling the planter, and adding a finishing touch. Ready to get started? We’ll walk you through each step of this simple outdoor project.

  • Working time 3 hrs
  • Start to finish 27 hrs
  • Difficulty Kind of Easy
  • Involves Cutting Wood, Power Tools, Driving Nails

What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Cut, Stain, and Sand

To start your DIY house number sign, cut both the cedar and craft boards to size according to the cut list. Thoroughly sand all sides and ends of the cut boards with medium-grit sandpaper. Wipe away sawdust with a tack cloth. Apply exterior stain to all sides and ends of the boards with a paintbrush. Let dry overnight.

carpenter using hand sander on wood while working at workbench
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Step 2

Form the Back

Lay the three 24-inch cedar boards side-by-side and face down on your work surface, leaving a 1/4-inch gap between each board. Place the two 7-inch craft boards about three inches in from either end of the grouping of 24-inch boards and running in the opposite direction. Glue, clamp, and pin nail in place. The 7-inch boards will connect the 24-inch boards together to create the house number plaque.

carpenter using nail gun on wooden plank against white wall at home
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Person drilling into piece of wood
Credit: Carson Downing
Person drilling into side of a piece of wood
Credit: Carson Downing
Step 3

Form the Front and Sides

Lay the two 9-1/4-inch boards face down on your surface, leaving a 1/4-inch space between them. This will be the front of your planter. Butt two 6-1/4-inch lengths of cedar on top of the ends of the 9-1/4-inch pieces. Glue, clamp, and pin nail this build together. Repeat with the other two 6-1/4-inch pieces on the opposite ends of the 9-1/4-inch boards. You've just created the sides of the planter. To further secure the joints, glue, clamp, and pin nail a 4-3/4-inch craft board inside each of the right angles that were created.

Person drilling into top of planter
Credit: Carson Downing
Person drilling small wood piece into larger piece
Credit: Carson Downing
Step 4

Attach Front and Back

Attach the build from step 3 to the 24-inch back board by gluing the back ends of the side pieces, lining the planter box along the right side of the back boards, and nailing from the back. To structurally enhance the connection, attach two more 4-3/4-inch craft boards inside the box where the box meets the back boards.

Person stapling mesh onto wood
Step 5

Prep for Drainage

Cut a 9x7-inch piece of wire mesh and staple it to the underside of the planter box. This will allow for water to drain from the planter. Then plant your flowers in the food storage container. If needed, poke drainage holes in the container.

Person hammering numbers into wood
Step 6

Attach Hangers and House Numbers

Attach D-ring wall hangers to the back of the planter. Then evenly space your house numbers to the left of the planter box on the 24-inch cedar boards. Use the package instructions for the house numbers to guide your installation. Hang the house number planter on your house and place your planted food container in the box.


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