Colorful flowers and trailing plants always look lovely in hanging baskets, but don't forget about the appearance of the container itself. With a little burlap and jute twine, you can easily turn a lackluster plastic hanging basket into a pretty porch accessory in about 15 minutes.
hanging burlap baskets
Marty Baldwin

Elevate your container gardening to new heights by integrating hanging baskets into your display. They're a great way to dress up porches, decks, and patios, and they have the added advantage of keeping your favorite plants out of reach for rabbits, slugs, and other ground-dwelling pests looking for a quick snack. This burlap and twine treatment upgrades any plastic hanging basket into an eye-catching accessory in minutes.

  • Working time 15 mins
  • Start to finish 15 mins
  • Difficulty Easy

What you need


How to do it

Part 1

hanging basket attachment
Step 1

Remove Hanger from Basket

Gently remove the hanger from the plastic container. The hanger is usually clipped in place and is easy to remove. Snip it with heavy scissors or wire cutters if necessary.

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wrapping burlap around hanging container
Step 2

Wrap Container in Burlap

Wrap burlap around the container, pleating and folding it as necessary to create the desired look. Trim away excess burlap.

wrapping twine around burlap-covered container
Step 3

Wrap Twine Around Container

Wrap a 2-foot length of twine around the top of the burlap-covered container. Tie a knot to hold the burlap in place; cut excess twine. For added interest, string beads onto each loose end and tie a knot to hold them in place.

tying twine to basket for hanging
Step 4

Create Twine Hangers

Measure and cut remaining twine into two equal lengths. Using the holes that once held the hanger, secure one end of a piece of twine to the container. Tie the other end to the hole on the opposite side of the container. Repeat the process with the remaining piece of twine and hang.

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