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A living wreath lets you hang the color and freshness of live plants on a fence, wall, or door in nearly any season.
For a patriotic wreath, choose flowers in red, white, and blue.

You've probably hung some kind of wreath on your door at one time or another. Unlike seasonal wreaths that come and go, living wreaths make lasting impressions. In fact, they can live for months or even years, depending on your climate. And you can make them yourself.

Create a living wreath with groupings of live plantings placed in a bed of soil and moss that's molded around a concave wreath form. When selecting plants for a living wreath, pick ones that do well in the shade. Because they hold their shapes, plants that thrive in pots work particularly well.

Annuals provide quick summer color, but you can use perennials or a mix of both. You might also experiment with draping plants, vines, or ground covers.

In choosing colors, consider your preferences and the color of the surface the wreath will hang on. Use texture from foliage to play up the colors.

What You Need:

  • Concave wreath form
  • Floral greening pins
  • Wire or fishing line
  • Moss (Fresh moss is preferred; if using dry moss, soak thoroughly.)
  • Moist soil
  • Plants


Step 1

1. Lay moss inside the wreath form.

Step 2

2. Pull the moss over the sides of the wire form. Leave the front open for soil.

Step 3

3. Mound moist soil as high as you can. Pack it down firmly to prevent water from channeling and loosening the soil.

Step 4

4. Select plants in 2-3/4-inch pots. When removing plants from pots, spread roots before replanting. To give them room for spreading, plant at 5-inch intervals around the ring.

Step 5

5. Pull moss around the plants, and pin in place with floral greening pins.

Step 6

6. Wrap the wreath with wire. Or, if the wreath will remain outdoors indefinitely, use fishing line, which won't rust.

7. Fill any gaps with bits of moss secured by greening pins. Hang your wreath where it's sheltered from drying winds and direct afternoon sun.

8. For a successful wreath, train your flowers to retain the wreath's form. Prune and clip regularly to keep the shape.


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