Hanging Basket for Shade

Follow our plant suggestions or create your own combo to dress up shaded spots in your landscape with a colorful hanging basket.

Hanging baskets are perfect for filling in empty wall spaces outdoors. Mix colorful foliage and cheery flowers in a 12-inch-wide hanging basket to add interest to your shady yard all season long. The foliage and flower colors at work in this arrangement makes the design high-impact.

Container garden with letters
Kritsada Panichgul. Kritsada Panichgul

A: Fuchsia 'Thalia' — 1

B: Tuberous begonia (Begonia 'Nonstop Mocca Red') — 1

C: Golden creeping Jenny (Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea') — 1

D: Yellow archangel (Lamium galeobdolon 'Hermann's Pride') — 1

E: Chives (Allium schoenoprasum) — 1

Honeysuckle Fuchsia houseplant
Marty Baldwin. Marty Baldwin

A: ‘Thalia’ Fuchsia

Fuchsia plants can bloom throughout the growing season and have the added benefit of attracting hummingbirds. These plants do well in containers and hanging baskets. 'Thalia' features red-orange tubular blooms on dark olive foliage. Red stems add even more color.

Begonia Nonstop Mocca Scarlet
Denny Schrock. Denny Schrock

B: ‘Nonstop Mocca Red’ Tuberous Begonia

Beautiful tuberous begonias are among the most elegant of shade-loving plants. Many tuberous begonias have an arching plant habit, which makes them excellent for growing in hanging baskets or container gardens. Begonia 'Nonstop Mocca Red' combines bright red 4-inch-wide blooms with chocolate-brown leaves on compact mounded plants.

Golden Creeping Jenny
Denny Schrock. Denny Schrock

C: Golden Creeping Jenny

Creeping Jenny is a dense, small-leafed plant that makes for great ground cover. In a container, it adds a bright trailing element. The single plant of the golden variety in this container adds chartreuse trailing foliage for contrast against surrounding dark leaves.

Deadnettle Lamium Galeobdolon 'Hermann's Pride'
Marty Baldwin. Marty Baldwin

D: ‘Hermann's Pride’ Yellow Archangel

Lamium galeobdolon 'Hermann's Pride' is more compact than the classic species of deadnettle. Its serrated leaves are crisply splashed with silver between the veins. In spring, whorls of yellow two-lip flowers bloom.

Cluster of chives
Marty Baldwin. Marty Baldwin

E: Chives

Chives grace the garden with bright green stems and pinkish-purple pom-pom blooms—all of which offer a distinctly mild onion flavor. Versatile and easy-growing, chives thrive in containers. The plant in this arrangement adds height and a different shape of foliage to the mix.

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