10 Front Porch Planter Ideas to Cover Your Entryway in Color

exterior front porch steps to navy blue door
Photo: Greg Scheidemann

Gardening in containers gives you the freedom to experiment with plant combinations and have fun. You can change or rearrange containers and plant in them in a matter of minutes. Just find a few planters that suit your style, keep the plants' needs in mind, and get planting. Use these front porch planter ideas to help you create a warm welcome for visitors to your home.

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Display Contrasting Colors

Front porch of a grey house with flowers and white chairs
Brie Williams

Dress up a dark-colored home with bright flowers. Even at a distance, the warm, bold hues of red, orange, and yellow will grab visitors' attention with their intensity. Pillows and cushions added to porch furniture and accessories offer an easy, changeable way to add curb appeal.

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Create a Two-Tone Look

Front porch with columns and rocking chair
Laura Moss

A limited color palette helps keep your look clean and coordinated. Red geraniums echo the red brick of this house and create a ribbon of color along the porch steps. The white planters tie together the home's white pillars, railings, and trim with the red flowers. Here, guests are encouraged to linger with a sturdy rocker that matches the two-tone look of the entry.

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Go Modern with Succulents

container plants with succulents on porch
Edmund Barr

For a bold, modern look for your front porch planters, consider planting a selection of succulents. These drought-tolerant, sun-loving plants offer intriguing textures, colors, and low maintenance for a truly winning combination. Here, aeonium and echeveria contrast with the strappy textures of Cordyline australis. Sleek, contemporary containers complete the display.

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Keep It Simple

exterior front porch steps to navy blue door
Greg Scheidemann

Symmetry is not only pleasing to the eye, it's also the simplest to arrange. Here, matching faux concrete planters mirror each other along the entry's steps and give the porch a modern update with a neutral finish that harmonizes with the plants' green foliage. Wispy plants contrast with coarse-textured ones for a simple design that adds interest to this home's small front porch.

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Mix-and-Match Front Porch Planter

container plant on front porch ledge and stairs
Laurie Black

Combine annuals, perennials, grasses, and even small shrubs for a dynamic display in your front porch planters. Just keep a few container planting tips in mind such as making sure all the plants in your arrangement need the same light and water requirements. Also, make sure you include a thriller (something tall and eye-catching), a filler (a mid-size plant to fill out the containers), and a spiller (a plant that will hang over the side).

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Brighten Shade with Ferns

front porch with wicker furniture and container plan ferns
Robert Brinson

Create a simple, tropical look with ferns on a shaded porch. Adding variegated and lime green foliage to a shady area will help make the space feel brighter. To make your porch a true outdoor room, consider including the comforts of home. Here, stylish pendant lights, outdoor end tables, and seat cushions add comfort and color.

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Rely on Symmetry

container plants with hydrangeas on front area of house
Brie Williams

Go for a symmetrical front porch planter arrangement if you have a symmetrical entrance. To further pull the look together, choose plants with flower colors that match your front door, door mat, and other accents. Here blue hydrangeas echo the door's hue, and pink dahlias offer a bit of bright contrast to draw the eye.

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Bring Houseplants Outside

container plants on a front porch
Erin Kunkel

Many larger houseplants such as Boston fern, spider plant, and bird of paradise can help bring the inside out on a shaded porch. A variety of plant shapes and sizes enhances this porch, adding to the casual, comfortable feel of the space. Use plants like art to brighten or heighten a corner, fill an empty wall, or soften a hard edge. Remember that potted plants require frequent watering, so make sure to check them daily, or even twice a day in very hot weather.

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Play with Container Colors

container plants on stairs leading up to a front porch and brown painted home and door
Peter Krumhardt

Brightly colored containers can enhance the plants in them and add an element of fun to your front porch display. To avoid a busy look, add only one type of plant per pot, and restrict your overall color palette to no more than three main colors. Here, planters, flowers, and accents in blues, pinks, and yellows lead the eye effortless up to the entrance.

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Seasonal Celebration

front porch with container plants, mums and pumpkins during the fall season
Jay Wilde

Sure, mums are a staple for adding a splash of autumn color. But one especially stunning fall front porch planter idea is to create a layered look with these seasonal superstars. Here, mums in both pink and white in containers of different sizes and shapes make an eye-catching display, along with gourds, pumpkins, and tall, wispy grasses.

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