Cheery flowers where you want them.

Snapdragons and alyssum take root in this roomy 4-foot-long planter. Placed next to the house, the planter can hide a gloomy window well and still allow circulation. For safety's sake, however, never block a fire-exit window.


This mobile planter is great for a porch or deck.

1. Make inner frames. Build the lower inner frame from 2 x 2 stock and upper inner frame from 2 x 4 stock. Drill the mounting holes and add a pair of 3-inch deck screws at each joint. Each frame should measure 13 x 40 inches.

2. Add sides. Cut a piece of 3/4-inch exterior plywood to size and screw it to the lower 2 x 2 frame. Drill about 16-1/2-inch drain holes through the plywood.

3. Complete the box. From 3/4-inch stock, cut the end and side pieces to length, miter-cutting the corner and center pieces. Using galvanized nails, nail the endpieces to the frames. Nail the front and back pieces in place.

4. Add trim. Rip 1 x 6 material to 4-1/4-inches wide for the top trim pieces. The inside edge of the top trim should be flush with the inside edge of the top frame. Miter-cut the pieces to length and nail them to the top of the assembly. As a decorative touch, rout a 1/4-inch chamfer along the top outside edge of the top trim.

5. Finish. Let the planter weather naturally, as shown, or apply an exterior stain or sealant.



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