How to Make Beautiful Fall Window Boxes

Spice up your home this fall with lots of mums and lots of texture—right in your very own window!

Nothing says welcome like a window box in the front of the house, especially in the autumn when the rest of the garden might be looking a little tired. Freshen up your home with a window box, which can be a constant rotating display of the seasons.

Incorporating fall plants, such as kale and mums, and adding different garden perennials and ornamental gourds is a must. With the right plants, colors and textures, you can have a beautiful window box garden that will welcome your guests from Halloween all the way to Thanksgiving.

Getting Started

Pick Your Box

When picking a window box, select a size that will fit your window and a box that will match your home's style—we chose minimalist white boxes. Window box material ranges from woods, to plastic, to resin, to copper wire frames. Do research on each type of window box material to see which is best for your needs.

How to Install a Window Box

Set a Focal Point

Aiming to create symmetry is an easy way for beginners and garden pros alike to start arranging their window boxes. If you want to be more adventurous, you can choose unique plants and arrange them more asymmetrical. Start by placing your two or three largest plants into the window box. Fill in the space around them with other, smaller plants. 

Add Plant Interest

Once you have your base of plants, add in a little something to make the box a bit more interesting. For interest in our window boxes, we added plants such as ornamental peppers, ornamental grasses, colorful groundcovers, and scented herbs.

Fill in Gaps

Pop some gourds in wherever you can find a spot for them. Winged gourds have great color and texture to help spice up your window box. Even small pumpkins will be a great addition, and will add some fall flair.

Once you are done, fill in any gaps with soil. Make sure all of the roots of the plants are in soil, with no roots exposed to air. Water all of the plants at once—this will help settle the soil and plants together—then water about once a week for the rest of the season.

Onto the Next Season

When you're done with the window box and are ready to transition it from Thanksgiving to Christmas, simply lift out the contents of the box by holding up the plastic liners, or pull the plants out individually if there is no liner. Get rid of any annuals and transition into some nice evergreens, conifers, or other plants with red berries for the holidays.

Create a Tiny Evergreen Garden

Traditional Fall Window Box

A traditional fall window box will welcome any guest—and the autumn season—to your home. A fall window box isn't complete without a fall garden favorite: mums! In this window box, we used bronze orange mums as the focal point. We also added ornamental peppers and leatherleaf sedge for beautiful texture. Last, but certainly not least, placing small gourds, pumpkins, and squash will help fill in the gaps and bring even more fall spirit to your window box.

Wine-Colored Window Box

Add a splash of vibrant color with this wine-inspired window box. The deep purple mums make for a stunning centerpiece, and adding a lighter pink-lavender mum into the mix creates a stunning visual balance. We also added in coralbells, ornamental cabbage, and some purple ajuga for a breathtaking effect. This fall window box is perfect for a home that is ready to stand out this fall season.

Silver Window Box

If you want a more subtle approach to your window box to welcome winter vibes, this silver window box is perfect for you! Here, ornamental cabbage's ruffled leaves are one of the stars of the window box. Adding in some silver-tinted lavender and fiber optic grass adds an abundance of texture, thanks to  the lavender's succulent-like stems and fiber optic grass' wispy foliage. Want to make the window box more fall-inspired? We added in white miniature pumpkins and gourds to tie it all together.

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