Fairy Garden Table and Bench

This wooden craft stick fairy table and bench is a classic addition to your fairy furniture collection.

This fairy bench and table combo, both simply constructed of wooden craft sticks, is the perfect place for fairies to enjoy a cup of tea in your mini garden. Paint the tiny furnishings any color of your choice. Your fairies will love their comfy new resting spot!

What You Need


  • Wooden craft sticks (2.56 inch x 0.37 inch x 0.08 inch)
  • Tape
  • Craft paint


  • Hot-glue gun
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Paintbrush

Step 1: Cut Sticks

Cut five craft sticks according to the following measurements:

  • 2, cut 0.75 inch from the top and bottom
  • 2, cut 1 inch from the top
  • 1, cut in half

Step 2: Create Back

Tear a 3-inch piece of tape. Lay the cut craft sticks on tape so the tallest piece is in the center to create the back of the bench. Apply glue to sticks to bond them together and let dry.

Step 3: Make Bench

Tear a 3-inch piece of tape and lay two craft sticks side-by-side on piece of tape to create the bench seat. Apply glue to sticks to bond them together and let dry.

Step 4: Add Legs

Once the glue has dried on the seat, glue on the four 0.75-inch pieces to create the bench legs. Let dry.

Step 5: Join Back and Seat

Join the seat and back of bench together with hot glue. Hold in place while glue dries to ensure back remains straight. Use a fine detail brush to apply craft paint to bench.

Step 6: Make Tabletop

To make the table, begin by cutting 0.25 inch off both ends of a craft stick. Then cut that in half. Lay the pieces side-by-side and glue together to make tabletop. Let dry.

Step 7: Make Legs

Cut a matchstick into sections so that you have four equal-length pieces. Glue one to each corner of tabletop, and let dry completely. Paint the table a color of your choice.


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