Easy-Care Succulent Containers

Create your own succulent garden with a container you probably already have in your home or garage. We can help you put this low-maintenance garden together.

Succulent gardens are low maintenance and make great container gardens -- they can withstand heat, neglect, and direct sunlight. Learn tips and tricks to create a gorgeous succulent container garden.


  • Gardening gloves
  • Succulents such as echeveria, agave, sedum, and kalanchoe
  • A birdbath, colander, bucket, metal lunch box, or any other container you find fit. 
  • Drill
  • Wire Screen
  • Lightweight potting soil, or a mix made for cacti
  • Rocks or colored glass
  • Watering can


  1. If your container does not provide good drainage, flip your container upside down.
  2. Drill or puncture several holes at the bottom of the container.
  3. Flip back upright and cover holes with wire screen to keep soil from washing out.
  4. Fill planter with soil.
  5. Dig a hole the depth of the nursery pot that contains your succulent, and set in the container.
  6. Press down the soil around the plant with your hands.
  7. Place the other plants around the center one; distance does not matter. 
  8. Spread rocks or colored glass between the plants for a pretty look.
  9. Water.

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  1. Nice info, Thanks !! Now, how do we start them from seeds?

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