DIY chair planters are a fun container garden project that will bring character to your backyard. Get ideas for how to transform a rustic, worn-out chair into an upcycled garden decoration.

By Jessica Abels, photos by Ed Gohlich

Most gardeners fill a landscape with beds, but interior designer Renee Buchhauser prefers to sprinkle her San Diego lawn with chairs. "I'm always trying to find unusual ways to plant and garden and looking for things that are unexpected," she says. Years ago, after seeing the idea of planting in a salvaged chair, Renee took the notion further, painting a chair frame and adding embellishments to give each piece a unique personality.

Here's how to make a chair planter: Simply remove the seat or cut a hole in it and make a frame from chicken wire. Check garage and yard sales for broken or castoff chairs; they make perfect candidates for this project! If desired, paint or decorate the chair back and legs. Line the wire frame with coconut fiber, fill it with potting mix, and you're ready to plant.

Test Garden Tip: Unless you use chairs designed for outdoor use, you'll want to paint and seal them regularly so they don't succumb to the weather.

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Kinder Garden

This little chair, planted with petunias and sweet alyssum, makes for a charming display all spring and summer long. Pastel blue and green paint evokes a child's room.

Pretty Patina

Purple delphiniums make a showstopping centerpiece among a combination of lavender, Mexican heather and fragrant mint. To allow the bold flowers to shine, this garden chair planter's colors were kept subtle. A bit of yellow detail provides contrast to the deep violet blooms.

Flower Power

Decorated with a sign reminiscent of a garden show stand, this cherry-red wooden chair planter grabs the eye. Start the season off right by planting this hot seat with cool-loving blue lobelia and purple pansy. Once summer heat kicks in, white geranium, bacopa, and pink petunias will have grown large enough to carry the show.

Garden Throne

Give bees and butterflies a resting place with this old chair planter. Pink pentas and red salvia are surefire favorites; white bacopa, blue lobelia, and delphiniums make charming accents.

Garden Cheer

Chartreuse looks great with anything, but bring it to the forefront by pairing it with silvery dusty miller, white sweet alyssum, pink Mexican heather, and blue lobelia.

Multicolor Delight

Can't pick a color? Go with several! This red, blue, and yellow chair serves as a home for scented spearmint, bacopa, argyranthemum, and golden gaillardia. As far as unique planters go, this primary color mash-up is stealing the show.



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