How to Make a Bulb & Moss Holiday Centerpiece

Add a little flair to your table with this modern bulb and moss centerpiece, perfect for the holiday season.

Gorgeous hyacinth flowers, lush moss, and shiny ornaments make perfect harmony in this holiday-inspired centerpiece.

This centerpiece will be your favorite holiday project this year. For our arrangement, we chose to use hyacinths as our flower (they are one of the most fragrant bulbs there is!), but feel free to use whatever bulb you think would look best on your table. Simply add water, moss, and a few holiday accessories to complete your gorgeous centerpiece.

What You Need:

  • Spray bottle
  • Water
  • Preserved moss
  • Hyacinth bulbs or similar bulb of choice
  • Tray that holds water or a small glass dish
  • Assortment of holiday balls and ornaments

Step 1: Moisten Moss and Add Water to Tray

Fill a spray bottle with water. Mist the moss, making it fairly damp and pliable. Then, pour water into tray or dish you are planning on using. Make sure there is enough water for each bulb to have an adequate drink.

Step 2: Arrange Bulbs, Moss, and Accessories

Arrange your flower bulbs of choice in the water around the tray. Use moss to hold the bulbs in place. Once finished, accessorize with your choice of holiday balls and ornaments. Set on a coffee or dining room table as a charming holiday decoration.


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