A broken pot fairy garden is a great solution for using up damaged garden pots. Make use of a cracked terra-cotta pot by transforming it into a sweet fairy garden container overflowing with moss and a variety of succulents.
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Transform a broken clay pot into something stunningly impressive with this fairy garden idea. We stuffed our broken pot garden with colorful succulents, moss, and a wishing well—but you can customize your potted fairy garden to fit your personal style. Here's how to make this fairy garden out of a broken pot.

Safety Tip: If you are planning on breaking a pot for this project, first fill the inside of the pot with cardboard or foam. Carefully use a hammer to break the pot into separate pieces, keeping the back wall of the pot intact. Be cautious of sharp edges.

  • Working time 1 hr
  • Start to finish 1 hr
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Involves Planting, hammering, Gluing

What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Person placing planter pieces
Step 1

Arrange Pieces

To start your potted fairy garden, arrange pieces of the broken pot to make different levels of the fairy garden. Use a clear silicone adhesive or sculpting clay to hold pieces of the fairy garden pot in place. Let dry.

Person placing soil in broken planter
Step 2

Fill with Soil

Fill the crevices with potting soil. Pat the soil down and lightly water every few inches to secure in place.

Person placing terra cotta pieces in soil
Step 3

Make Steps

To create steps for your flower pot fairy house, you'll simply break terra-cotta pieces with a hammer to make smaller pieces. Before you start hammering, place cardboard underneath the terra-cotta pieces to protect your work surface. Arrange the small terra-cotta pieces on the soil leading to the top of the pot.

Person placing plants in soil
Step 4

Add Plants and Accessories

Plant succulents (or other small plants of your choice) and add accents to the broken pot fairy garden. Fill in empty spots with moss to cover the soil. Add in miniature accessories to create your desired look.

Editor's Tip

When selecting plants for your mini fairy garden, look for plants with similar care needs.


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