Awning-Striped Painted Flowerpots

Add a cheerful face to plain terra-cotta flowerpots by dressing them in bold stripes.

Terra-cotta flowerpots are a staple of container gardening. But their plain face keeps them in the background most of the time. If you'd like to turn them into works worthy of a pedestal, try this simple paint motif. The broad strips and bright contrast is reminiscent of awnings and garden parties.

The instructions below show how simple it is to create these attractive plant homes.

Work slowly to keep your hand steady.

Start with a clean, dry terra-cotta pot. Mark pencil points on the rim and bottom for spacing. Hand-paint stripes with white enamel, using the width of the brush for spacing. Choose the brush according to the size of the pot.

With hand-painting, it's okay if the stripes have slightly ragged edges. For a more controlled look, use masking tape to mark off the stripes.

Painting the rim of the pot.

Paint the rim of the pot with white enamel. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly and brush on an acrylic fixative. For an interesting combination, paint the stripe motifs on pots of various sizes. Small ones are ideal for tabletop decorating and gifts. For added interest, you can paint the inside of the pot a solid color.


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