7 Kids' Gardening Kits to Encourage Your Little One to Plant and Grow Seeds

Share your love of gardening with the help of one of these plant growing kits.

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Having a hobby or interest in common with your children or other kids in your life is a wonderful way to bond and create warm memories together. One activity that can be fun and educational is gardening. You can spend quality time planning your garden, planting your seeds, and watching the fruits of your labor grow. Plus, you can teach your little ones different responsibilities and how to care for and keep plants alive. These kids' gardening kits are an easy way to get your child (and even you) into gardening; each kit includes everything needed to start a cute, colorful container garden.

Each one of these kits features easy-to-grow seeds (such as sunflowers, marigolds, and zinnias), and some options even come with supplies such as paint and stickers to decorate their planter. The sets also come with clear instructions so children can grow their seeds with ease. (Depending on their age, your child also might need assistance from an adult.) These options are a perfect afternoon activity for any child, especially as the weather becomes cooler and we start spending more time indoors. Purchase one of these kits for your kid and watch their love for gardening grow.

Best Kids' Gardening Kit for Planting and Painting

painting and growing flower kit for kids
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Children will be able to practice their gardening and painting skills with this multi-purpose kit. Each package comes with one 10 X 4.5 X 3-inch planter tub, one water bottle, four seed packets, one soil disk, two shovels, one rake, four plant markers, and an instruction sheet. On the art side, you'll receive four butterfly sticks, one palette, 12 acrylic paints in bright colors, and two paintbrushes. The seeds included are: cosmos, zinnias, marigolds, and balsams, which will grow into colorful flowers.

One buyer, who gave this kit a 5-star rating, calls it a "great gift for my 8 year old granddaughter! She got to be creative with decorating the planter and grow her own flowers!" Another purchaser who gave the item 5 stars writes, "Bought this for my 4 year old daughter who loves to garden with her daddy. She went crazy when she opened it!"

Best Kids' Gardening Kit for Succulents and Cacti

kids gardening kit succulents
Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Share your love of succulents and cacti with this kit that's on sale for half off right now. The kit comprises three galvanized steel pots that are four inches in diameter, three seed packets, three soil-less seed-starting pellets, and easy-to-follow growing instructions. The cactus garden has fishhook barrel cactus (Ferocactus wislizeni) seeds, the moss rose garden has Portulaca grandiflora seeds, and the aloe garden has Aloe vera seeds.

Best Kids' Gardening Kit for Sunflowers

sunflower garden kit
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Not only are sunflowers beautiful, but they're also excellent flowers to attract pollinators. To help your child grow their own sunflower garden, this option includes a 4 X 3-inch pot with saucer, potting mix, sunflower seeds, and growing instructions. Plus, it has seven mini markers, three sticker sheets, sticker sheets, and a storybook for decorating.

One happy buyer gives the sunflower kit a 5-star rating and writes that "This kit was great! My kids planted these, and within just three or four days, they sprouted! Lots of fun and educational!"

Best Kids' Gardening Kit for a Terrarium

kids terrarium growing kit
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Everyone will be amazed by this terrarium that actually glows in the dark. (There's also a crystal space version and a sparkle option if you'd like to snag a few different terrariums.) The kit includes a plastic jar with a lid, chia seeds, wheatgrass seeds, potting mix, one plant mister, and river stones. For decorating purposes, it also includes glowing sand, stickers, and plastic figurines.

The top-rated kit has a nearly perfect 5-star rating from almost 18,000 reviews. One buyer calls the terrarium "easy and fun" and gives it a 5-star rating. "It was SUPER easy to set up right out of the box. It provides everything you will need, and everything is nicely packaged and labeled."

Best Kids' Gardening Kit for Crafting

kids gardening kit with tools
Courtesy of Walmart

Another fun one for children who enjoy arts and crafts is this plant-and-paint kit. It comes with all of the supplies you could possibly need for an afternoon full of creative fun, including a white metal planter, one pack of expandable soil, three seed packets, one watering can, one fork, one rake, and one spade. It also includes 12 paints, one paint palette, two paintbrushes, nine wooden markets, and an instruction book. The seeds included are zinnias, marigolds, and cosmos that will grow into a colorful little flower garden.

Best Kids' Gardening Kit with a Variety of Seeds

childrens garden seed kit
Courtesy of Decker Rd. Seeds/Etsy

The Etsy shop Decker Rd. Seeds, which has a perfect 5-star rating with more than 6,000 sales, notes that this kit is specially designed for kids as it includes large, easy-to-grow seeds. The kit includes six each of: fiber pots, soil pellets, wooden plant markers, stickers, and seed tins. Each tin is filled with a variety of seeds, including: sunflower, nasturtium, marigold, bean, pumpkin, and cucumber. The package also comes with planting instructions and a 6 X 8-inch muslin bag to hold all of your supplies.

One happy buyer gave the kit a 5-star rating and writes that it's the "Best kid's garden kit ever! Every seed we planted grew. My little one enjoyed watching the seedlings grow on her windowsill. Can't wait to put them in the ground!"

Best Kids' Gardening Kit with Bright Flowers

flower garden growing kit
Courtesy of Walmart

Any child will be thrilled when their seed kit produces colorful flowers such as zinnias, phlox, and daisies. This pack includes one metal planter pot, three flower seed packets, three expanding soil discs, three plant markers, one shovel, one water bottle, and an instruction kit for growing your seeds. For decorating, the kit includes six paint colors, one paint palette, and two paintbrushes.

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