Watering Plants on Vacation

Don't leave pots and hanging baskets high and dry while you're away. Follow these simple steps to keep container gardens fresh in your absence.

1. Check the Forecast

Larger pots should be fine if you'll be gone just two or three days, especially if rain is predicted. Give them a good soaking before you go. Set up a contingency plan for small pots that usually need daily watering.

2. Group Pots

Move portable planters and hanging baskets to a shady spot (pots dry out faster in sun) protected from drying winds, and cluster them so they benefit from the raised humidity of huddling.

3. Hook Them Up

Purchase one or more container irrigation kits (sold at garden centers) and enough tubing to reach all your pots. Once it's set up, a drip system is the most efficient way to deliver moisture to numerous pots.

4. Set to Auto Drip

Use a hose faucet timer to set how often
and how long you water. (Test it before you leave to determine the best plan.) Some digital systems can be operated remotely with a smartphone or computer.

Summer Vacation-Proof Container Garden

Container gardens are often the first to fall victim to drought, hot temps, summer travels, or just plain forgetfulness. This easy drought-tolerant container garden is tougher than others and will stay strong through the heat of summer.


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