Can I Transfer Indoor Potted Bulbs to the Outdoors?

Can I transplant outdoors, potted tulips and daffodils, originally purchased from a grocery store florist shop? If so, how?

Bulbs that have been forced into bloom indoors may not perform well in the garden, but you have little to lose by trying. Daffodils, especially, may recover after a couple of years and bloom quite nicely in the landscape. Tulips are more likely to continue to decline.

If you'd like to try transplanting them, keep the pots in a sunny location and watered well, until the foliage dies down naturally. (You could place the pots outdoors if temperatures remain above freezing.) After the foliage has died down naturally, you can plant the bulbs at the proper depth in the garden.

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  1. Do I plant them now, in August or keep them until spring?

    1. Just put the damn things in the ground, either grow or they won’t, it’s not that complicated.

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